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Phishing / SPAM Emails / Pretexiting Examples

This article displays examples of Phishing or Fradulent emails, GCI customers have received.

MailGuard Upgrade

Wireless Lifeline FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding Lifeline phone subsidy.

What is Wireless Phishing/Pretexting?

GCI has seen an increase in phishing attempts against GCI customers both in email attempts, and even some reported cases of pretexting using phone calls. Find o...

GCI Usage Viewer App – iPhone

Steps on how to use GCI's Usage Viewer app with an iPhone.

GCI Usage Viewer App – Android

Steps on how to use the GCI Usage Viewer with a wireless devi Android Oper

How do I read my bill?

Informational and video to explain the GCI invoice.

How Do I View My Usage

All of GCI's products with usage, except Wireless voice minutes, are now available at one location, with your MyGCI login. GCI TurboZone complimentary usage is...

Managing Your WebMail Account

Information and screen shots of new Web Mail Portal application.

How do I protect against fraud?

Tips on how to detect fraud attempts and protect your privacy. Information concerning various means of fraud attempts, focused primarily on the Internet, such a...

What is CPNI?

Definition of the CPNI.


It’s hard to remember all those different passwords! Here are some tips to create unique passwords that are easy for you to remember, but hard for others to g...

How do I make a payment?

Many easy payment options.

MyGCI Forgotten Password or Username

Information on how to reset your MyGCI password or username

Netflix Viewing and Data Usage

GCI and Netflix. Learn how viewing programming impacts data usage. Adjust your quality settings to manage data usage and cost.

What Is a MyGCI Profile?

An online tool for GCI customers to view some details of their GCI services.

How do I Create/Edit a MyGCI Profile?

Easy steps to create/edit a MyGCI Profile.