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Alaska's fastest internet, to and throughout your home.

Worry-Free WiFi on Alaska's most advanced network

AK-Fi Home is our complete home WiFi solution, designed to ensure your network is always at peak performance on every device. Included with GCI Internet service.

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App-based smart home WiFi

We’ve partnered with Plume, the leading provider of mesh internet technology, to deliver a home WiFi system that intelligently adapts to your environment.

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Not all WiFi is created equal

AK-Fi Home uses the first and only self-optimizing home WiFi technology on the market. It learns usage behaviors based on insights like the number and types of connected devices to deliver ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity to every room and every device.
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Need more coverage for a larger home?

AK-Fi Home’s insight tools can help with that. The app will diagnose coverage concerns to determine if an AK-Fi pod WiFi extender is necessary to expand your signal and ensure you’re enjoying high-quality connections from wall to wall.

Ready to deepen your internet connections with AK-Fi?

AK-Fi Home is included with every GCI Internet plan. Contact us to become a GCI Internet customer and we'll get you and your devices connected right away.

For technical support with AK-Fi Home, visit our support library.

Questions about AK-Fi Home? We have answers!

AK-Fi Home is currently available to new GCI No Worries Home Internet customers, and existing GCI No Worries Home Internet customers who express interest. Wider distribution for existing customers will be offered later this year and we will notify customers via email when this upgrade is available. If you're an existing customer who is experiencing issues with your GCI home internet service, contact us for support at 800-800-4800.
AK-Fi Home is included with all GCI No Worries Home Internet plans at no additional charge.
There is no current fee for AK-Fi pods. These extenders will be issued on an as-needed basis to customers who have unresolved coverage issues which have been identified through the AK-Fi Home app.

New No Worries Home Internet Customers:

If you get either GCI’s Fast, Faster, Fastest, or red Unlimited internet plan, AK-Fi Home will automatically be included on your account. After you’ve installed your modem, download the AK-Fi Home app, log in with your MyGCI credentials, and you’ll be good to go!


Existing No Worries Home Internet Customers:

If you have either GCI’s Fast, Faster, Fastest, or red Unlimited internet plan, AK-Fi Home will be offered to you later this year, at which time GCI will notify you via email. You will need a compatible modem. If your modem is incompatible, you will need to exchange it. Just get in touch for a complimentary modem swap. Then, contact GCI to have AK-Fi Home activated on your account; download the AK-Fi Home app; log in with your MyGCI credentials; and you'll be all set!

AK-Fi Home is currently available in the following areas: 






Eagle River-Chugiak 

Eielson AFB 


Fort Greely 

Fort Wainwright 









North Pole 








Adblocking will help you block web and video advertisements as well as requests to known ad servers. You can enable this for either a device, person profile, or everyone. When you enable Adblocking for a person, this setting will be applied to all the devices assigned to that person.
Enabling the Online Protection feature will protect your devices from malware sites, botnets, spyware, spam, phishing, keyloggers, monitoring, proxy avoidance, anonymizer and other harmful attacks on your network.
The Online Protection supports Outbound IP Protection and Intrusion Prevention. Intrusion Prevention automatically blocks connections from high-risk IP addresses trying to remotely connect to your devices, keeping you and your family safe from online threats.
Advanced IoT Protection (AIP) is a security advancement found in Plume Guard. Prior to its release, Online Protection protected all your connected home devices from going to sites known to host malware, spam, or phishing attacks. AIP provides protection from new, unknown attacks that are currently not part of any known threat intelligence database. It can detect unusual patterns in your IoT device's activity that indicates the device may be infected. Advanced IoT Protection can be enabled via the Guard tab from within the main menu.