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The new GCI mobile experience
We've invested more than $4 billion in our network — including Alaska's first 5G service. Count on more speed, and better coverage.

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Anchorage: Get 2x faster data speeds over AT&T Learn more ➔

Hometown 5G

Double the speed in Anchorage over AT&T1

Unmatched speeds, expanding coverage, and more to come — we're committed to creating the best 5G mobile experience in Alaska.
GCI's 5G speeds are two times faster than AT&T in Anchorage.

"Hometown 5G is only the beginning. GCI is working to reinvent wireless service in Alaska."

-Ron Duncan, GCI CEO and Co-Founder


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The newest smartphones will offer the best 5G experience.
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Save up to $400 when you join Alaska's most advanced network.
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Business at the speed of 5G

Increase efficiency with faster download speeds and a reliable connection.
Comparison with AT&T based on SCORE Technologies drive tests conducted in April 2022 in Anchorage. Results do not include Elmendorf, JBER, Fort Richardson, and data speeds are based on average download throughput. Drive test results are based on outdoor cell reception. Individual data speed results vary based on many factors including but not limited to device type, terrain, and number of users on the network. View GCI’s service terms and conditions at