About GCI

GCI (NASDAQ: GNCMA) is an Alaska-based company providing voice, video and data communication services to residential, commercial and government customers. Founded in 1979, GCI introduced long-distance competition to Alaska and has since grown to be one of the nation’s premier integrated telecommunication providers. The company employs more than 2,000 Alaskans and has a current run rate of $800 million. GCI has a 45 percent share of the state’s long-distance market, and is the state’s largest provider of internet services with cable modem, wireless and dedicated access. Its cable television services pass 80 percent of the state’s households with 64 percent penetration. Digital cable and cable modem service is available to 99 percent of its subscribers. The company offers facilities-based local telephone services in 22 cities throughout Alaska. GCI’s services are connected through company-owned fiber optic, satellite and metropolitan area network facilities to the Lower 48 states. This broadband platform is the only one of its kind in Alaska and allows the company to provide customized services to the Alaska market.

Company Milestones

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Affiliated Web sites

GCI Heathcare | Connect MD

GCI Healthcare operates the largest medical network in the Pacific Northwest.  Our communications healthcare experts can connect you to over 200 medical organizations and affiliates.

GCI Education | SchoolAccess

GCI Education continues to build strong education networks in rural and underserved communities.  We approach education holistically, by delivering the latest technology and resources to teachers, students, administrators, and parents in a collaborative environment.

GCI Initiatives

GCI is known for its pioneering efforts in cable telephone and commercial services, being the first to offer product bundles in the state of Alaska and outstanding customer services. In order to maintain the pulse on future development, GCI works in partnership with Alaska’s leading technology providers.


Numerous public, nonprofit and private entities in Alaska’s rural regions are limited in their services due to insufficient Internet access. TERRA is a historic investment that will fill this need by providing the first high speed fiber optic and microwave connection to Southwest Alaska.

Alaska United

GCI’s Alaska United is a fiber optic cable that connects communication networks from Alaska’s major population centers with the lower 48 states. This cable brings significant capacity to Alaska’s growing Internet, video, voice and data markets.

Alaska Academic Decathlon

The GCI Alaska Academic Decathlon is a statewide all-academic competition for high school student. The program helps develop knowledge-based skills, which enable the student to become part of the business community.

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