Closing the digital divide
GCI is leading the nation in connecting the most remote communities in the world.

"There’s the rural divide, and then there’s Alaska. While operators work to bring broadband to remote parts of the contiguous U.S., [GCI has] practically moved mountains to make sure the Last Frontier isn’t just served, but super-served"

- Cablefax

Ambition in action

Our coverage is unprecedented. From Anchorage to the most remote communities, we're investing in connectivity solutions that empower Alaskans to do more. Even better: We're just getting started!

Equal access — and prices — for all

All our home internet customers who have access to fiber backhaul pay the same price, whether they live in a city of 300 or 300,000.

The technology to deliver

We're connecting all of Alaska with whatever technology it takes to unlock high-speed access for all.



The gold-standard of connectivity, fiber currently offers the fastest and most reliable connection.


Where fiber isn't an option, our TERRA microwave network provides access to more than 45,000 Alaskans in 84 rural communities.


GCI is Alaska's leading provider of satellite service and is closing the gap in places fiber and microwave cannot yet reach.

More than 40 years of breaking new ground

Delivering service in Alaska can be challenging, but GCI has decades of experience traversing the state's most rugged terrain to connect some of the most remote communities in North America.

An Alaska sized dream

Connecting a state as vast as Alaska is serious work. Alaska's most advanced network spans more than 10,000 miles. That's like driving from Los Angeles to New York and back, twice over.

A historic opportunity for digital equity

The federal Infrastructure, Jobs and Investment Act, is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve connectivity in across the state. GCI is working with Tribal partners to develop connectivity projects that will leverage these federal funds to close the digital divide in rural Alaska. And we’ve launched a Rural Connectivity Initiative to help guide long term investment over the next decade. In the meantime, we also continue to invest in our network and upgrade service across the state. In fact, over the past five years GCI has upgraded service for 115,300 Alaskans in 121 communities.

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Uniting the Aleutian Islands

Our 800+ mile subsea fiber system is poised to unlock the region's social and economic power.

Buckle Up Nome and Kotzebue

We've brought faster Consumer internet to the region at a fraction of the price.

Upgrading Bethel

We’re bringing Alaska's fastest internet to Western Alaska, in partnership with Bethel Native Corporation.

Our solutions set higher standards


Bridging the Gap in Rural Alaska

We're making massive investments to bring better connectivity to Alaska's most remote areas.

Protecting Culture and Habitats

We're committed to helping preserve Alaska's natural beauty and indigenous cultures.
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