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#UnlimitedAlaskaLove GCI Gives
Great things happen when we connect with our communities. And GCI is committed to philanthropy by donating cash, services, products, scholarships, and grants to Alaska organizations.

GCI donates cash, services, products, scholarships, and grants to nonprofits every year.

Over the last seven years, GCI has donated $14 million directly to nonprofits across Alaska.

Donations support more than 150 nonprofit organizations across the state.

GCI donates $100,000 to suicide prevention programs every year. 

Over the last 20 years, GCI has given millions in scholarships to deserving Alaskans.

Employees volunteer thousands of hours each year to nonprofits in their communities.

Empowering Alaska's Communities

GCI's corporate philanthropy program GCI Gives makes a positive impact on communities throughout Alaska. Through the program, GCI actively engages in philanthropic endeavors focused on supporting local nonprofits, fostering digital inclusion, promoting education, and enhancing the overall well-being of Alaskans. By partnering with organizations and investing in projects that align with core values, GCI strives to build a brighter and more connected future for all Alaskans.

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GCI Annual Giving

Each year, GCI gives to more than 150 Alaska nonprofit organizations focused in seven key areas: cultural arts and innovation, education, healthy communities, youth, animals, diversity and inclusion, and public safety.
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GCI Scholarship Program

In the last 20 years, GCI has awarded $6 million in scholarship funds to hundreds of Alaska graduating seniors who are seeking degrees from accredited colleges and vocational/trade schools.
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GCI Suicide Prevention Fund

GCI supports local projects and organizations that strive to reduce the rates of suicide in Alaska by promoting mental wellness through strengthened community and personal connections.

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Employee Volunteerism

Our employees are active in our communities and give back to the places where they live and work. Every year, GCI provides 16 hours of paid leave to volunteer at food banks and homeless shelters as well as other causes like youth sports.              

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Jasmin Smith


GCI celebrates community leaders who inspire real, positive change. Jasmin recently helped launch the Alaska Black Business Directory, where people can search for black-owned businesses across Alaska.
Shiloh Community Housing members

How Shiloh Community Housing is Disrupting the Cycle of Homelessness

GCI is helping a local nonprofit with its first step in creating a new neighborhood resource center in Mountain View aimed at disrupting the cycle of homelessness.
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