Netflix and Data Usage

October 7, 2016

Netflix allows different data quality settings and these setting will impact your data usage.


Netflix is a popular application for viewing movies and television show online.  This program while convenient, does contribute to your cable modem data usage. Netflix offers a method to manage how much data you may use while viewing programs.


To access the video quality options, perform the following steps.

1. Log into your Netflix account.

2. Click on Your Account and then click Help.

3. Select the Manage Video Quality option.

You will see several options for viewing your videos.

These options enable you to select your desired video quality, which also controls the amount of usage your against your cable modem account.  Below is an estimate fo the data usage per hour of online Netflix viewing. These estimates are provided by Netflix. GCI strongly recommends you monitor your usage via the GCI Usage Viewer. The GCI Usage viewer is available online – check your usage.

Netflix Quality Level

Usage per Hour in GB

Usage per Hour in MB

Low Quality

0.3 GB

310 MB

Medium Quality

0.7 GB

720 MB

High Quality – High Definition

3.0 GB

3.072 MB

High Quality – Ultra HD

7 GB

7,168 MB