Netflix and Data Usage

December 12, 2022

Netflix is a convenient way to watch movies and television shows on your schedule, but it does use internet data. You can manage how much data Netflix uses by adjusting your playback quality. The lower the quality level, the less internet data will be used.

To manage Netflix data usage

To access the video quality options, perform the following steps.

1. Log into your Netflix account.

2. Select the profile for which you'd like to manage usage settings.

3. Click Account > My Profile > Playback Settings

3. Select the desired data usage setting and click Save.


Below is an estimate of the data usage per hour of online Netflix viewing. These estimates are provided by Netflix. To check how much data you've actually used, check your usage in MyGCI.

Netflix Quality Level

Usage per Hour in GB

Usage per Hour in MB

Low Quality

0.3 GB

310 MB

Medium Quality

0.7 GB

720 MB

High Quality – High Definition

3.0 GB

3.072 MB

High Quality – Ultra HD

7 GB

7,168 MB