Understanding How GCI Prorates Your Bill

December 28, 2022


Understanding How GCI Prorates Your Bill

GCI bills all of our internet, land line phone service and television packages in advance. Some of our mobile service plans bill in arrears – that is, after the bill cycle in which the service is used -- but soon, all mobile services will be billed in advance too.


What does this mean for me?

Your very first bill will include a partial month charge for the remainder of your current billing cycle, plus one month of service for the upcoming bill cycle. Our system automatically calculates the prorated charge by dividing the monthly plan fee by the number of days in the current month to create a daily rate. Then, the daily rate is multiplied by the number of days remaining in your billing cycle.

GCI has six different billing cycles.  When you sign up for a plan, we will put you on the billing cycle that falls closest to the date you sign up for service. This way, your prorated charges should not be more than five days’ worth of service.


What if I change my service plan?

If you upgrade to a higher-priced package, you will see a partial month credit on your bill, which represents the unused portion of the old plan that is billed a month in advance. You’ll also receive a prorated charge for your new plan. Your prorated charge may be more than your partial month credit, depending on the plan and the date you decide to upgrade.

If you move to a lower-priced package, you’ll also receive that partial month credit for the unused portion of your previous plan. In this case, the credit may be larger than the prorated amount for your new plan.

In both cases, GCI will prorate, plus bill for one additional month of service. 

Additional factors to consider

Device financing is always in addition to plan fees.

Taxes and fees are not subject to partial charges or partial credit.