What is MyGCI?

July 2, 2016

What is it and why do I need one?

Your MyGCI profile is a one stop shop for everything related to your GCI accounts. You can view your current usage, enjoy GCI GO and share access to GCI services with family, friends and roommates. 

Your MyGCI profile is easy to use – all you need is your username and password to log in – and it provides a wealth of information to you in one convenient location. In fact, if you’ve never logged into your MyGCI profile before, now’s the perfect time to start.

What’s the connection between my MyGCI profile and my GCI accounts?

The relationship between your MyGCI profile and your GCI account(s) looks like this:

  1. You can link your MyGCI profile to your GCI Wireless, Internet, Phone, Long Distance Account – or what we call your GCI Telecommunications Account – and your GCI TV Account. (While both types of accounts are provided through GCI, they are classified separately.)
  2. After you link your GCI Telecommunications Account to your MyGCI Profile, you’re able to view your Wireless, Internet, Phone and Long Distance usage. You can also see the services associated with the account.
  3. After you link your MyGCI profile to your GCI TV account, you’re able to access GCI GO Services.

Once you link your GCI accounts to your MyGCI profile, we’re able to connect all your products and services in one place and instantly recognize you every time you sign in.

To link to a GCI Telecommunications Account, you’ll need to provide the account number and the security (CPNI) PIN. If you don’t remember your security (CPNI) PIN, call customer service at (800) 800-4800.

To link to a GCI TV Account, you’ll need to provide the account number and your last name.  

Learn how to locate your GCI TV Account number.