LTE Speed Comparison

Data speeds are dramatically faster on LTE wireless networks.  With LTE, you will experience wireless download speeds similar to online internet browsing speeds.

Residential-subpage-LTE graph-700px

Average LTE data rates offer GCI wireless customers a mobile browsing experience comparable to customers’ current, typical online internet experience.

This is a lot faster than HSPA, also known as 3G, which typically provides users with download speeds of around 800 kbps under similar conditions.

  • 2.5G; EDGE (120 kbps average download)
  • 3G; HSPA (800 kbps average download)
  • 4G; HSPA+ (2Mbps average download)
  • 4G LTE; LTE (5-12 Mbps average download)

GCI TurboZone provides even faster wireless data speeds for GCI customers on qualifying wireless data plans via very high speed Wi-Fi locations. These locations can be found throughout Alaska in places such as restaurants, coffee shops, sports arenas, airports, shopping malls, and other public areas. Learn more about blazingly fast TurboZone speed.