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Benefits of GCI’s Upgrade to Yukon TV
Yukon TV makes GCI’s TV platform relevant and sustainable for years to come.

Our customers expect the best

Traditional cable box technology has become outdated, and much like VCRs were replaced by DVD and Blu-ray players, it is being replaced by something more efficient: streaming technology. By modernizing our TV platform, we are delivering best-in-class technology and creating an improved customer experience. Yukon TV provides value to customers by:
  • Migrating away from dated equipment before its obsoletion.
  • Creating convenience by utilizing modern equipment and devices that seamlessly integrate into customers’ everyday lives (phones, tablets, streaming devices).
  • Improving the viewing experience with expanded DVR storage capabilities and programming that is delivered exclusively in HD on all networks.
  • Offering flexible viewing options, available on the most popular devices.


Yukon TV broadens our statewide reach

GCI’s statewide network upgrades have enhanced communications across Alaska. These improvements, coupled with Yukon TV’s internet-based delivery method will widen our coverage area to allow ad delivery on more networks in remote communities, and will eventually offer the ability to target homes with specific purchasing behaviors. Yukon TV accessibility will continue to include additional communities as network expansion continues.


The customer transition process is being handled with the highest level of care

We are focused on keeping things simple for our customers:

  • Plan pricing remains the same, with discounted rates available through GCI+ membership.
  • Careful consideration has been taken for mature households; we’re offering a more traditional and familiar remote in the EVO PRO streaming device, that will flatten the learning curve.
  • To allow for gradual change, customers can keep their current cable box and use it simultaneously with Yukon TV for a trial period of 60 days.

We have implemented a variety of internal measures to ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded platform. These include:

  • 30+ GCI representatives dedicated to the Yukon Care Team, formed to reduce wait times and provide personalized assistance with onboarding efforts.
  • Field service team on the ground to support installs and usage instruction.
  • Significant media campaign in market to help communicate information about the transition.
  • Robust customer support area on that covers FAQs, how-to videos, device support, and more.
  • Ongoing customer outreach detailing what to expect, and what actions to take to successfully transition.