Epic Employee Discount Program
You may be eligible for up to 20% off on your mobile plans with GCI.


Welcome to your Employee Discount Program

Add this employee discount to your mobile plan to lock in the lowest rate on the largest LTE network in Alaska. If your organization qualifies, you could save: 

20% off of your data plan on any Simply Share mobile plan, or 10% off of your Unlimited plan with GCI. 

For more information, download the GCI Employee Discount Program Terms and Conditions.

Getting started

How do I sign up?

To check if your employer is eligible, give us a call or visit your neighborhood GCI store with a recent paystub, official business ID card, or business card, and your discount will be applied for you.

For Employers

A great addition to your organization’s benefits package

Because your organization is a loyal GCI business customer, GCI wants to reward you and your employees with our Epic Employee Discount Program. This is a FREE program, which means no enrollment cost for you or your employees.

Contact your GCI representative to enroll your company and enable employee participation. 

The Epic Employee Discount Program is available to businesses or organizations, and their affiliates and subsidiaries that are GCI business customers. It requires no reimbursement process or stipends—the discount is applied to an employee’s personal bill after proof of employment is provided. 

To enroll your organization, contact your account manager.

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