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You rely on fast and faithful technology to help your facilities keep pace with the demands of day-to-day production.

And with GCI’s assistance, you can stay focused on your output while we focus on your scalable network solution—things like consolidating connectivity to increase reliability and providing end-to-end service for business-critical applications. We even minimize potential downtime by installing and testing new networks parallel to your existing ones. From building on your current network to starting completely from scratch, we give you a solid foundation to grow your business on.



Case Study

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Associated General Contractors of Alaska
Associated General Contractors of Alaska Image
John Mackinnon, Executive Director

The Issue

Associated General Contractors of Alaska had Local Voice services with GCI, but Internet from one of our competitors. And with offices in Anchorage and Fairbanks, they needed a faster Internet connection for both of their offices—not to mention, a better way to communicate between the offices to encourage project collaboration.

The Solution

In a stroke of good luck and location, Associated General Contractors of Alaska’s building was one of a series of buildings that benefitted from GCI’s recent fiber extension. The fiber connection paved the way for our client to upgrade to Business Preferred Internet and also prompted them to sign up for a point-to-point connection between their Anchorage and Fairbanks locations.


Today, Associated General Contractors of Alaska relies on their point-to-point connection for video teleconferencing between the two offices daily. It’s given them the ability to conduct board meetings virtually, with Fairbanks members participating and not missing a day of work traveling. And now that we’ve increased our client’s bandwidth, both of their offices are supported, with much more speed at their Fairbanks location since it’s fed from their Anchorage office. Executive Director John Mackinnon claims “GCI is right there working with us,” while board member feedback has been incredibly positive, calling GCI video teleconferencing a “great investment.” Talk about a win-win.

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