Wi-Fi Calling

GCI's Wi-Fi Calling allows you to place and receive calls and messages (text and picture) over a Wi-Fi network connection. Once launched and enabled for your device or plan, the Wi-Fi Calling function can be disabled through the settings menu of a Wi-Fi Calling compatible handset. Access to the internet must be available through the device's Wi-Fi network connection. If the Wi-Fi network connection is lost while on a call, or the Wi-Fi network's connection to the Internet is interrupted, the call may disconnect. Wi-Fi Calling availability and preferences may vary based on the device manufacturer's settings.

911 Emergency Calling

Emergency calls on your device are routed through cellular service whenever available.

If the device is in airplane mode, you will be prompted to turn off airplane mode in order to complete the emergency call via the cellular network.

If you have enabled Wi-Fi Calling and cellular service is not available, emergency calls may be made over Wi-Fi. In such event, any location information that can be obtained from your device and the Wi-Fi network you are connected to may be used for emergency calls to aid response efforts, regardless of whether you have enabled Location Services.

If you have enabled Wi-Fi Calling and cellular service and the device's location information are both unavailable, emergency calls will still be completed over Wi-Fi. However, because emergency calling over Wi-Fi requires an address to help emergency response services respond to calls, calls made to emergency services using Wi-Fi Calling will use a "Registered Location". Users are required to provide a Registered Location in order to enable Wi-Fi Calling and it is the responsibility of the user to update the Registered Location. A Registered Location is the most recent information identifying the physical location of a user. Your Registered Location address cannot be a P.O. Box. You can update your Wi-Fi Registered Location for emergency calls by going to your handset settings and updating the address or by contacting GCI at 800-800-4800. It is your responsibility to keep this information up to date. Failing to do so may prevent emergency services from being properly routed to your physical location.

Handsets utilizing Wi-Fi Calling for emergency calls may be limited to calls lasting up to a maximum duration of two (2) hours. It is preferable to make emergency calls over traditional cellular or fixed line services, and only use Wi-Fi Calling features for such calls a last report.


TTY may be unavailable or unreliable when using Wi-Fi Calling. If TTY services are needed (for an emergency call or otherwise), please disable the Wi-Fi Calling feature from your device and continue using your existing TTY services on the GCI wireless network.


Handsets with Wi-Fi calling capabilities may not have been tested for hearing aid compatibility in this calling mode. Check with the manufacturer of your device for your device's capabilities.

International Calls

Wi-Fi Calling is not restricted to a geographic calling region. Voice calls dialed and received over Wi-Fi will continue to use the existing rates of your wireless plan.

Calls made via Wi-Fi Calling to international numbers will be treated as an international long distance call and will be billed based on the international dialing plan that you have chosen. Calls received over Wi-Fi while located in an international location will not incur additional international roaming charges. Wi-Fi calls placed from an international location to a U.S. number will be treated as a domestic long distance call, no matter where you originated the call.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions that apply to Wi-Fi Calling, you acknowledge that you have received and understand the terms and conditions that apply to this function, including the features of Wi-Fi Calling, TTY capability when using Wi-Fi Calling and emergency call behavior when using Wi-Fi Calling.

These terms are part of the complete Terms & Conditions that apply to your wireless service, which may change from time to time. For additional terms and conditions that apply to your wireless service, please visit https://www.gci.com/about/terms-conditions/mobile/wireless-service.


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