Alaska's fastest internet
The 2 gig era is here
The future of fast has arrived and GCI is leading the way.

Welcome to 2 GIG

Doubling down on speed

GCI is the first to offer ultra-fast 2 gig speeds in Alaska. In fact, we're one of the first in the nation. To celebrate, we're doubling the speeds on every customer on our Fast, Faster, Fastest or 1 GIG Red internet plans.

"Alaska will lead the nation in 2 gig speeds. And it will be our turn once again to wait for the rest of the country to catch up."

-Ron Duncan, GCI CEO and Co-Founder

Enter the 2 gig era: The speed you need has changed.

You used to be able to get by on a slower connection. Not anymore. As our homes have become more and more connected, our bandwidth needs have increased.
What to expect from 2 gig

Prices and Plans

No change in price for GCI+ customers

While our speeds are doubling, our prices aren't. GCI+ customers who bundle their mobile and internet service will see no change in price.

Non-GCI+ customers will see an increase of $5 per month starting in 2022.
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10 GIG by 2026

We're committed to keeping Alaska connected

Our upgrade to 2 gig is only the beginning. We're one of the first carriers nationwide working to make 10 gig service a reality. Sign up to be the first to know about each step along the way.
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