TurboZone FAQs


TurboZone provides even faster wireless data speeds for GCI customers on qualifying wireless data plans. These high speed WiFi locations can be found throughout Alaska in places such as restaurants, coffee shops, sports arenas, airports, shopping malls, and other public areas. GCI is continuing to add new locations and cities to our TurboZone coverage. If you don’t see your town listed yet, stay tuned!



What is TurboZone?

TurboZone provides high speed Wi-Fi data throughout Alaska to GCI customers on qualifying mobile data plans. These WiFI accessible outlets can be found in common locations you visit throughout your day; restaurants, coffee shops, sports arenas, airports, and shopping malls with more locations being added daily.


Who can access TurboZone?

TurboZone access is included at no additional charge for GCI Mobile customers on qualified mobile data plans.


Which mobile data plans qualify for TurboZone?

The following mobile data plans qualify:

Simply Share Plans

All Simply Share Plans get 2 times the data amount that is included with your Simply Share Plan

Standalone Smartphone Plans

All Standalone Smartphone Data Plans get the equivalent amount of TurboZone data as the amount included with the Standalone Smartphone Data Plan.

Basic Data 300 MB

Select Data 3,000 MB

Premium Data 5,000 MB

Premium Data 10,000 MB

Premium Data 20,000 MB


Will my usage on TurboZone count against my monthly data usage allowance?

Data usage at TurboZone locations is currently complementary for GCI customers.

After the complementary period, all TurboZone data used above the monthly allowance will be billed at $15.00 per 3 GB of data.


How can I tell how much TurboZone data I have used?

You can always monitor your data usage in real time by visiting the GCI online usage viewer


How does TurboZone work?

TurboZone uses Wi-Fi connected to GCI’s robust and blazingly-fast internet service.


How do I connect to TurboZone?

GCI has designed a simple, one-time registration process to make connecting to TurboZone a breeze. The first time you access TurboZone, simply look for the “TurboZone” network in your handset’s Wi-Fi settings and connect. Next open your web browser, and go to your favorite web site where you will be redirected to a one-time registration screen. This screen will ask you for your 10-digit mobile phone number. After entering your phone number and selecting submit, you will be presented with a TurboZone Terms of Service page. Once you accept the Terms of Service, you will receive a text message with a link to complete your registration. This link will take you to the “Welcome” page where you will gain access to all TurboZone locations throughout the state of Alaska.

GCI has designed a simple, one-time registration process to make connecting to TurboZone a breeze. This registration process only needs to be completed the first time you access TurboZone. Once you’ve completed the following steps you’ll have access to any TurboZone throughout the state.

  • Open your smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings and select the network named “TurboZone”.
  • Next, open your web browser and visit your favorite site. At this point you will be redirected to a one-time registration screen.
  • Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number when prompted. Select “Submit”.
  • Accept the “Terms of Service” for TurboZone.
  • GCI will then send you a text message with a link to complete your registration. This link will take you to the “Welcome” page.

That’s it! You now have access to all TurboZone locations in Alaska.


How do I find a TurboZone?

TurboZone locations can be found throughout Alaska, with new locations being added all the time. You can find locations using our online map or with our free smartphone app. The app is named “TurboZone” and can be found in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.


What if I need assistance getting access to the TurboZone?

If you have any trouble connecting to or registering for TurboZone simply call our GCI Customer Service Center at 800-800-4800. Our GCI Customer Service Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you. You may also take your handset into a GCI Store to request assistance.


How do I get my business signed up to be a TurboZone provider?

Businesses are continually being added to the TurboZone network. If you are interested in your business – becoming a TurboZone provider, click here  to learn more or request to be contacted.

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