TurboZone Activation Steps

Screen shots and steps to register on the TurboZone network.


Follow these steps to use the TurboZone network.  You only need to perform these registration steps once.

  • If you have your device set to auto-detect wi-fi networks, when you enter a TurboZone, you should automatically connect to that site.
  • If you chose to connect to a Wi-Fi network manually, then select  the SSID of TurboZone, and you should connect.

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1.  Ensure you are in a TurboZone location.

2. Turn on the Wi-Fi for your device, and select the SSID of TurboZone.

  • Actual steps vary depending on your device
  • You may call TurboZone Support Center at 855-865-4445 for assistance to locate Wi-Fi services.

WiFi Turbozone

3.  After selecting the SSID of TurboZoneopen a browser. You should see a message similar to this one.

Press Submit

4. Enter your 10 digit phone number and press Submit.

5.  You should see a message stating “You are qualified”.

You are qualified

6.   Read, and click Accept, to accept GCI’s Terms and Conditions, and to automatically have a Text (SMS) message to your device.

text msg sent

7. Check your Messages for a Text Message sent from GCI.

Text message

8. Click on the link (URL) in the text message.

welcome message

9.  Your wireless device is now registered and connected to TurboZone. You can continue to use the Internet via TurboZone connection.

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Error Messages

Displayed are two of the more common error messages.

1. If you receive this message, you may click on the “click here” link, to step through the registration process again. If you receive this message a 2nd time, please contact GCI Technical Support for assistance.

error message

2. If you receive an error message stating your number is not qualified, please contact GCI Customer Service for assistance, to ensure you have the correct data package on your account.

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