Adak Talk and Text Plan

In addition to the other Talk and Text plans, the following is available only to Adak customers starting June 1, 2013:

1 Voice Minutes (a) :

Plan Price
Nationwide Unlimited /
Add Partner (up to 5)
$50.00 /

2Messaging (Text) : Need some messaging to go with your talk?

Plan Price
Unlimited Text $5.99

3Available Features :
Valuable features for your phone and lifestyle.

Voice to Email  $2.99

Have your voicemail delivered to any email address you choose, also manage your messages online.

Directory Assistance  $1.50

411 Directory Assistance – includes Call Completion.

Handset Insurance  Varies

Protect your phone. Handset insurance is available to any customer at any time and covers you for loss, theft, damage from incident or accident or malfunction. Normal wear & tear and cosmetic damage to equipment is not covered. Mechanical/electrical failure covered only when occurring outside the Manufacturer’s Warranty period coverage. Complete coverage details here.

(a) Directory assistance is $1.50 per call. Areas outside the U.S. require International Roaming as an additional feature. Please contact GCI Customer Service for more information and to enable International Roaming. Service terms and conditions apply. Monthly fees do not include taxes and surcharges.