Non-Profit Spotlight: Food Bank of Alaska


Each month, GCI shines a spotlight on one of the Alaskan nonprofits we support to showcase the work they're doing to better our communities.

November—Food Bank of Alaska

Nearly 100,000 Alaskans struggle from hunger, and the face of that hunger is everywhere. The faces of children; of the elderly; of veterans and those still serving in the military. Anyone can suffer from hunger, but thankfully there is The Food Bank of Alaska, working to help Alaskan families in need.

We chose November to highlight Food Bank of Alaska because this is the time of Thanksgiving, the holidays…and while there are hungry families year-round, this is the time of year where people are more aware and thinking about giving back. We want to remind people of the great work our neighbors at Food Bank of Alaska are doing to help Alaskans in need.

How you can help

  • Find volunteer opportunities at
  • Start a food or fund drive.
  • Donate food.
  • You can go online to make your contribution at
  • You can become a sustaining donor, making a monthly contribution

Learn more


Reach our local office at 907-272-3663

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