Non-Profit Spotlight: Covenant House Alaska


Each month, GCI shines a spotlight on one of the Alaskan nonprofits we support to showcase the work they're doing to better our communities.

August — Covenant House Alaska

Covenant House Alaska is the largest provider of services to homeless and runaway youth in the state of Alaska. The goal of their services is to move a youth from homelessness to stability. They do this by first and foremost, working with youth on reconciliation with family whenever possible and when it’s not possible, their programs assist youth in making the choices and building the skills necessary for independent living.

Their Approach

Covenant House operates under a vision and mission governed by five basic principles: Immediacy, Sanctuary, Value Communication, Structure, and Choice. Homeless kids come to Covenant House in crisis. Immediately and without question, they meet their basic human needs – a nourishing meal, a shower, clean clothes, medical attention, and a safe place away from the dangers of the street.

Homeless kids arriving at our door are often frightened and mistrustful. Young men and women can grow only when they feel safe and secure – Covenant House protects them from the perils of the street and offers that important sense of security.  Lying, cheating, and stealing are common survival tools on the street. Covenant House teaches by example that caring relationships are based on trust, respect, and honesty. Homeless kids never know how they will get their next meal or where they will sleep.

Covenant House provides the stability and structure necessary to build a positive future. Young people often feel powerless to control their lives and fall into a self-defeating cycle of failure. Covenant House fosters confidence, encouraging young people to believe in themselves and make smart choices for their lives.


We’re happy we’re able to support Covenant House Alaska, where children are not only provided a safe space, but provided basic human needs, and lastly… loved. In addition, we’re pleased to contribute connectivity to Covenant House Alaska as well as support their events throughout the year such as the Candlelight Vigil, Executive Sleep out, Passage House Luncheon, and the Fire and Ice Gala. Our marketing team also “adopts a day” in December, where we serve lunch, play games (like BINGO) and get to know the youth at Covenant House. It’s an annual tradition that both myself and the team look forward to every year.


    Raising Awareness 

    There are quite a few events on the docket to help raise awareness for homeless youth. 

    The Candlelight Vigil for Homeless Youth held in November draws hundreds of people to Anchorage’s Town Square Park to share words of hope with our youth that there is hope and help for all of them.  Lighting a candle is more than a symbolic gesture. Through this display of support, each vigil participant becomes a voice, and advocate, and a friend to our young people. 

    The Fire & Ice Ball, held each January is a night filled with glamour, fun, a few Broadway productions – and most importantly, philanthropy. 

    Covenant House’s annual golf tournament was held earlier this summer to benefit youth that have found safety and shelter with Covenant House Alaska. 

    This fall will be the 31st anniversary of one of the most powerful fundraising and awareness events, the Executive Sleep Out and Young Professionals sleep out. GCI Senior VP & General Manager of Consumer Services, Paul Landes is the executive char for this event. Participants literally sleep outside in the courtyard at the Covenant House. It’s a unique experience designed to encourage awareness, empathy, and understanding for the immeasurable odds that homeless young people overcome.

    Get Involved 

    There are a lot of volunteer & support opportunities at Covenant House. 

    Volunteers can assist by donating their time and sharing skills through a variety of activities including food service, janitorial work, helping with events, hosting educational groups, mentoring and other special programs. To learn more about volunteering visit

    Donations are always appreciated, and Alaskans have until August 31’st to change or adjust their dividend with a pledge to support Covenant House with Pick. Click. Give. 


    Learn more

    Call 907-272-1255
    Find them on , Instagram @covenanthouseak or Twitter @covenanthouseak