Maka Monture


Maka Monture

Tlingit roots: Anchorage-born, Yakutat-raised Maka has a passion for sharing the stories of her people through traditional art, music and fashion. Alaskan to the core, she was raised to live off the land, with a diet rich in deer, halibut, moose, salmon and seal.

Arctic ambassador: When she’s not helping manage the U.S. Arctic Youth Ambassadors or working toward a degree that focuses on the health of rural communities, she models for indigenous designers, blending cultural and contemporary fashion.

Inner compass: Her Tlingit name Keixé Yaxtí means “Morning Star,” a guiding point for her people. She intends to see it through: “I advocate for the protection of lands, traditional indigenous performance and culture to ensure Alaska is a thriving place for generations to come.”

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