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Along with the rest of the industry, GCI is upgrading the technology used to deliver TV services. 

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What is Yukon TV?

Yukon TV is GCI’s new — and soon to be only TV service. Yukon TV lets you watch live or on-demand across your TV, tablet, or phone, and continues to offer many of the features of traditional cable box television like Video on Demand, DVR capabilities, channel guides, and more — though there are a few key differences.

Yukon TV:
  • Is a streaming application, like Netflix, Hulu, and others
  • Is delivered over a GCI internet connection (streaming does not count toward usage)
  • Doesn’t use a cable box; it uses a streaming device
  • Is controlled/navigated by your streaming device or its remote control
  • Allows you to watch TV on compatible phones, tablets, and TV streaming devices
  • Delivers all content in high definition (HD)
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