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Learn more about the changes and updates that are coming to GCI TV plans.

More options. All of your favorites.

The way we watch television is changing, and to match the pace, we at GCI are updating our TV plan selections to better serve you. Watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever you choose. With plans starting as low as $54.99 per month, it's easy to choose the best plan to fit your needs. Enhance your TV viewing experience with Video on Demand, Pay-Per-View, and access your favorite streaming networks on-the-go with TV Everywhere. All plans include the first box to help you start watching within minutes. Learn more about our new plans below.

GCI Residential TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Like other TV providers across the country, the cost of our television programming increases every year based on contracts with our programmers. We want to continue bringing you the highest quality programming and products possible, which is why we are increasing the price of some of our cable TV packages.

There are no price changes to existing Premium channels. We are launching two new Premium Services which will be available for purchase after May 2, 2019.

  • EPIX movie channel for only $6.99/mo
  • Curiosity Stream which has 1,400 of video on demand programs for only $2.99/mo

We are not eliminating any channels at this time, but some channels will be moving to different packages.  View the channel lineups for more information.

Yes!  Here is a list of all of our new channels and descriptions:

Name Package(s) Price Description
Cheddar   Smart/Popular/Lifestyle   Cheddar is a live news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services transforming our lives. 
Court TV Popular/Lifestyle   Court TV is primarily live courtroom trials with anchors and reporters offering commentary combined with classic footage from highly publicized crimes and legal dramas.
Curiosity Stream Curiosity Stream $2.99 Curiosity Stream is a subscription VOD service with over 800 titles of episodes and original documentaries on Science, Technology, Civilization, and Human Spirit.
EPIX EPIX $6.99 EPIX airs blockbuster movies, original series, documentaries, comedy, and music specials. This subscription includes a linear channel, VOD and TV Everywhere access.
Escape Popular/Lifestyle   Escape features theatrical films and syndicated TV series focused on the crime drama and mystery genres. TV series include Unsolved Mysteries, Snapped, American Greed, Without a Trace, and more.
Grit Popular/Lifestyle   Grit offers a mix of classic action/adventure TV series and westerns like Laramie, Death Valley Days, High Noon, The Legend of Wyatt Earp and John Wayne films.
Hallmark Drama All AK Choice TV   Hallmark Drama is a sister network to Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries which features iconic dramas, original movies, series, and timeless favorites including the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies.
Havoc TV Sports   Havoc TV is dedicated to action sports and independent music. Rooted in the heritage of surf, skate, and snow, Havoc TV celebrates independent culture and provides an authentic voice through new music videos, action sports, and compelling original content.
People TV All AK Choice TV   People TV is an entertainment news network from People (magazine) and Entertainment Weekly. Series include: Hollywood at Home, The Perfect Fit, The Jess Cable Interview, People TV specials and more.

We are constantly improving our packages based on customer interest and demand.  We evaluated the Smart TV package and made some changes to include channels that are more popular and moved some other channels elsewhere.

Yes, we have added a new plan that provides more choice and affordability for our customers.

Yes, these plans are getting additional channels, however, none of their existing channels will be going away with this change.  See channel lineups for more detail.

We wanted to standardize the fees we charge for box rentals. This makes it easier for customers to understand what they will see on their bill. This means we have made the following changes:

  • We standardized the box rental fee at $10 with the exception of the TiVo mini which is priced at $8 per month. 
  • We added a household DVR fee of $5.00 for customers who have DVR capable boxes. The DVR fee is per account so customers with multiple DVR boxes will still only pay a single $5.00 charge. The change to the DVR fee should not be viewed as a price increase on your bill. In fact, customers with multiple DVR’s will actually pay less in equipment fees.

The changes to the add-on packages, equipment pricing change and new channels to the Plus tier will impact customers with landlord provided TV service.

Business customers with Business Smart TV will have the new channel lineup for Smart. They will also be impacted by the equipment pricing change if they have a DVR. They will continue to get the add-on packages at the existing pricing.

See your new Channel Lineup