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Get TV anywhere with TV Everywhere
Jump on a phone or tablet and watch the GCI TV programming you want, when you want, where you want.

Is someone hogging the TV? Claim your own screen, on your favorite device.

With more families spending time at home, the living room can get crowded. Take your entertainment elsewhere with GCI TV Everywhere, which gives you unlimited access to your favorite TV programs—anywhere you want, from any device! Set up is fast and included with your GCI TV subscription and MyGCI profile.

With GCI TV and a high-speed internet connection, you can immediately begin to stream movies, original series, hundreds of documentaries, sports, comedy specials and more, through networks like Max, Starz, ESPN, and PBS Video. There is no buffering, and new content is constantly updated!


Ready for setup?

Follow our easy how-to guide, and start streaming TV Everywhere today.

Frequently Asked Questions

TV Everywhere FAQs

To use TV Everywhere, you'll need to authenticate your MyGCI Profile at each programmer's site on any device you’ll use to watch TV Everywhere.

If you want to access TV Everywhere from your computer, simply navigate to the programmer's website. View available channels. For example, if you want to watch Max from your computer, simply go to Max via your computer’s browser and then follow the Max prompts to log in using your MyGCI profile login.

If you want to access a GCI TV Everywhere network from a mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet, you'll need to download the programmer's mobile app from your device's app store. For example, if you want to start watching HBO from your iPhone, you'll need to download the Max app from the iPhone store and then follow the Max prompts to log in using your MyGCI profile login. Please note that device compatibility varies by provider.

Yes, you need to subscribe to GCI TV. If you're unsure what GCI TV package you're subscribed to, you can always call us at (800) 800–4800 to verify. Learn more about the available networks and their respective GCI TV packages. And if you're not currently a GCI TV customer, we encourage you to sign up. You'll save even more money when you add TV to your GCI bundle.
In order to use TV Everywhere powered by GCI TV, you need a secure, high-speed Internet connection on the device you want to use, along with the network's corresponding device app. If you're not currently a GCI Internet customer and want better speed and reliability, we suggest you look into Alaska's fastest internet.
No, there are no additional fees. GO powered by GCI TV is free as long as you subscribe to a GCI TV package that includes the channel you'd like to stream and a secure, high-speed internet connection.
Up to ten family members, friends and roommates can enjoy TV Everywhere powered by GCI TV, as long as they're associated users on your MyGCI profile. View our support articles to add a family member, friend or roommate to your MyGCI profile.
Device availability varies by channel provider. If you'd like to use TV Everywhere on a device such as a tablet or phone, please note that you'll need to download the network's app from the device's respective app store.
With a GCI TV subscription and a high speed internet connection, you can have access to a constantly-growing collection of networks that offer streaming capabilities.
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