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TiVo Parental Controls

Want to set Parental Controls on your TiVo? Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video On Demand (VOD) can have purchase locks, so movies or TV programming can’t be ordered without your approval...  Read more »

Introducing OnePass. A smarter way to enjoy it all.

Starting April 26, 2015 GCI TV powered by TiVo customers can create a OnePass. Only OnePass can turn your TiVo into the ultimate binge box. Now find every episode of any show you want to watch – in seconds, no matter where it comes from. TiVo’s new OnePass technology gathers every episode of any show  Read more »

Shop by Remote on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) with TiVo

With GCI TV powered by TiVo, you NOW can shop HSN from the comfort of your couch! Don’t wait in line and avoid crowds with TiVo. Shopping has never been made easier. Using your TiVo DVR you can access the HSN Application on the big screen. Don’t wait and try it out today!  Read more »

TiVo Central Shortcuts

Here is some convenient ways to save the time spent searching for folders or trying to access your favorite shows. When you’re at the TiVo Central screen, the numbers 0 through 6 on your remote will act as the shortcuts listed below, making it easier to zip around the already easy-to-use interface that you know and love.  Read more »

Watch your favorites with TiVo Stream on your Android or iOS devices!

With the free TiVo app, you can now stream live from your DVR directly to your Android device.  Read more »

How to Use Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down Buttons

You can use the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on your remote control to rate programs. The DVR uses thumb ratings to make TiVo Suggestions. When you give a program up to 3 thumbs up or down, your DVR remembers program details such as the category (i.e. science fiction, drama, or comedy), actors, directors,  Read more »

Watch YouTube™ on GCI TV powered by TiVo

Now you can browse and view YouTube™ videos from the comfort of your couch!  Read more »

How to use Pandora® with GCI TV powered by TiVo

Pandora® is a free service that lets you create custom Internet radio stations personalized just for you, playing only the music you love and now on your GCI TV powered by TiVo!   Read more »

Customize Your TiVo Collections

TiVo Collections feature highlights the best that TV and the web have to offer - grouped into fresh, fun and up-to-date categories.   Read more »

Netflix on GCI TV powered by TiVo

GCI TV powered by TiVo customers no longer need to connect a computer or laptop to the TV to enjoy Netflix on the big screen. Activate your Netflix subscription onto your TiVo box today!  Read more »

Any show. Any room. Any TV. Tivo Mini

Family photos, books, or even just clean ‘space’ – you’ll have more room on your shelf for all of the things you love thanks to the mini size of TiVo Mini...  Read more »

TiVo App

The GCI TV powered by TiVo App gives you instant access to your TiVo from your smartphone and tablet devices. Keep your TiVo DVR at your fingertips at all times with the convenient TiVo App. Browse and schedule recordings from wherever you happen to be.  Read more »

Integrated Search

GCI TV offers viewers over a thousand hours of entertainment! Search by movie name, show title, episode title, show description, or directors name. On GCI TV search upcoming TV shows, movies, and video on demand offerings all at the same time. You can even search for a particular channel by its network name or call sign (e.g., NBC or ESPN).  Read more »

It’s time to start streaming – TiVo Stream

TiVo Stream allows you to take your shows on the road, anywhere anytime! To stream or download shows from your TiVo Premiere series DVR, you’ll need the latest version of the TiVo App. If you don’t already have the TiVo App, download it from the App Store (free) and install it on your device.  Read more »

GCI TV powered by TiVo: Opera TV Store

Opera TV Store is a new FREE feature available on GCI TV powered by TiVo. Discover a whole new world on entertainment with Opera TV, an interactive TV application which allows viewers to browse the internet, log into their personal social media accounts, watch the hottest movie trailers, play a variety of games, watch collections of TV shows and so much more.  Read more »

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