Getting Started with Yukon TV on EVO PRO Streaming Device

December 8, 2022

Setting Up Your EVO PRO 


1. Package contents 
  1. EVO PRO device
  2. EVO PRO Quick Guide
  3. Remote with batteries
  4. HDMI cable
  5. Power Cord

What's inside the EVO Pro box


2. Use the HDMI Cable to connect the EVO PRO device to your TV

3. Using the power cord, plug in the EVO PRO

4. Follow the on-screen instructions using your remote to navigate through the setup process. You'll need:

  • A Yukon TV account
  • GCI Home Internet and WiFi credentials
    • Streaming on Yukon TV does not count against your GCI home internet usage.
  • A Google account to complete the EVO PRO setup
    •  You are able to register for a Google account on the EVO PRO when getting started.
  • To be registered on MyGCI

5. Download the Yukon TV app by pressing the My TV button on your remote.

6. Sign into your Yukon TV account using your MyGCI credentials.

7. Reboot the EVO PRO device.

  • Navigate to Device Settings > Device Preferences > Reboot.
  • This step will ensure that the Yukon TV app will automatically open when the EVO PRO is turned on

8. Start watching your favorite shows on Yukon TV!

Remember to add the Yukon TV app to the app row by selecting the + icon on the Android TV home page.



Download Quick Start Guide PDF 

View Yukon TV User Manual PDF 

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