Yukon TV App Updates

April 10, 2023

We know our Yukon TV customers have experienced issues with our new platform. We are diligently working these issues and once we have them resolved you will be the first ones to be notified. We appreciate your patience.  


Current Known Issues and Upcoming Changes

Not all customers may be affected. A small number of Yukon TV customers have reported experiencing one or more of these issues.

  Issue     Details   
  Intermittent outage   Causing slight interruptions to programming
  CBS local news      Unable to schedule series recording   
  Fairbanks Weather Channel    Not displaying the weather for Fairbanks 
  Error Code 611   Concurrent stream issue lets customers know when they are logged in on too many devices 


New Features

  • Favorite channel
  • Improvements to readability
  • Enhancements to recording “indicators”
  • Easier access to updated recordings
  • “Current progress” added to Trick Play
  • Settings/Device page removed


Recently Resolved Issues

  • Login issues — No more re-entering login information every 30 days. Customers who use the app regularly will stay logged in all year. For devices that are not used as often, you may be required to log in after 180 days of no use. Login periods are device-based and may vary from one device to another. Login is required after adding new devices or uninstalling/reinstalling the app.
  • App bug fixes — resolved DVR playback error (617)
  • App bug fixes — faster load times for video on demand, resolved DVR playback errors (700 and 618) and inability to delete recordings
  • Improvements to increase DVR storage capacity
  • Update to Top Movies
  • App performance improvements — quicker search results, screen loading, video loading, and navigation
  • Additional storage — 5 petabytes of storage added to platform for added DVR capacity
  • DVR recordings appear in search results
  • “Suggested Viewing” content can be clicked and watched
  • White bar while in landscape mode has been deleted on Apple mobile devices