Temporary 180-Day Limit on Yukon TV DVR Storage

August 1, 2022

Recordings More than 180 Days Old May Be Automatically Deleted

To support continued stabilization efforts for Yukon TV’s DVR feature, we continue to work to expand capacity to successfully accommodate the increasing number of Yukon TV users. Our efforts are proving successful, and we have now expanded the temporary limit on the length of time content can be stored in your cloud DVR from 30 days to 180 days. Customers will be notified when this restriction has been lifted. This does not change the total amount of space you can use for DVR recordings, only the length of time they will be accessible. 

Other Ways to Watch Your Video Content

If you find that 180 days are not enough to watch your recorded shows, you have other options that extend that timeframe. As a subscriber of GCI’s Yukon TV, you automatically have access to TV Everywhere, a program that allows you to use your GCI login credentials to sign directly into network apps if the network is a part of your Yukon TV package. For instance, if Fox is a channel in your Yukon TV package, then you can download the FOX Now app and use it to watch content from Fox’s video library. This is a great option for watching missed shows or live TV when you are off-network.