Navigate the Home Screen and Guide

December 13, 2022

Home Screen

Upon logging into Yukon TV, you will be taken to the home screen. The home screen is where you access your profile and settings. The home screen also offers content suggestions, based on viewing habits. Content categories include:

  • Popular
  • Continue Watching
  • Top Movies
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Entertainment
  • News

To watch or learn more about a program on the home screen

  1. Select the tile
  2. The next screen will show a description of the show and related content
  3. To go back, select the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen
  4. To watch, select the play button located on top of the preview image

Viewing Your Profile and Account

Select the icon of a person, located in the top right-hand corner of the Home Screen.

Profile options:

  • Switch profile: Toggle between logged in users
  • Profile name: Set a custom profile name
  • Time & date: Manage the time, date, and time format
  • Parental control: Manage Parental Controls (PIN required)
  • My PIN: Establish a new PIN, change PIN, or turn on/off the Protect Profile with PIN setting
  • Delete profile: Delete additional profiles that have been previously added. Only appears if more than one profile exists. The primary profile cannot be deleted.
  • Share logs: For support purposes, the log may be exported and submitted to GCI.

    Account options

  • Support: Displays customer ID
  • Registered devices: Displays all devices used to access the app
  • Application version: Displays the last update and current version of the app


To access the Guide, select the Guide tab from the bottom menu bar of any screen. From here, you can:

  1. Browse: Scroll channels and times to review past and upcoming programming
  2. Watch now: Tune into live content
  3. Restart: Play programming from the beginning
  4. Record: Record programming to the cloud DVR


Operating the Guide

The guide will show all programming played over the past three (3) days. When scrolling through the content, if the Restart icon is present, the content can be viewed from the beginning. Simply select the show and choose restart.

Future programming can be recorded.

Change date:

  1. Toggle date forward or back one day using the < > buttons. Unless modified, the current time will display across all dates.
  2. A new NOW button will appear. Clicking this will immediately return you to the live time and date.

Change time:

  1. To proceed forward or backward, drag the timeline. (The current time is shown in a red indicator in the timeline.)
  2. A new NOW button will appear. Clicking this will immediately return you to the live time and date.

View content:

  1. Select the show you desire to watch, and you will be taken to the channel.
    1. If tapping the network icon, whether you are viewing past, present, or future listings will determine your experience:
      • Live TV (present): Tunes directly into live channel content
      • Past/Future: Opens content description and provides options to Record or Restart/Lookback (as available).

Content viewing options:

  1. Select the three stacked dots to right of the content listing.
    1. Depending on that programming’s licensing, one or more of the following options will appear:
      • Subtitles/Audio: Set audio language or to toggle Subtitles (CC) on/off
      • More Info: Provides a description of the show with options to watch now, restart, or record (as available). Also shows related content suggestions.
      • Record: Set a recording
      • Restart: Play programming back from the beginning
      • GoBack: Rewatch unrecorded content that aired in the last 72 hours

View more channels:

  1. Scroll up or down to view channels/program listings.