Visual Voicemail – iPhone

December 14, 2022

Visual voicemail stores voicemail messages in audio files and allows you to playback messages from a visual interface on your iPhone.


Visual voicemail allows you to view and listen to your voicemail messages without the need to dial into GCI’s voicemail system. Visual voicemail requires a data connection, however, data does not count against iPhone customers data allowance. Visual voicemail with the iPhone does require a cellular connection; users must turn off their Wi-Fi connection. Visual voicemail will not work via the Wi-Fi on iPhones.

Listening to Messages

1. Voicemail Notification displays. Tap Listen

16_1_support_wireless_VVM 1_v2

  • Visual Voicemail message displays with the number that called, and if available the time the message was left

2. Tap the Play button, which is the arrow to the left of the message.

  • Visual Voicemail message plays back displaying message progress on a progress bar at the bottom of the screen

3. Options display (shown above)  to Call Back the number or Delete the message. 

Delete Messages

1. During or after playback tap the Delete button.

  • Message disappears and Deleted Messages folder displays

2. Tap Deleted Messages folder.

  • Deleted Message folder displays
  • While message is highlighted you have the options to Undelete or Clear All.
      A. Tap Undelete to move message back to Voicemail Inbox.

  • Deleted folder is empty, tap Voicemail button to return to Inbox.

       B. Tap Clear All button to permanently delete messages in the Deleted Message folder.


  • Confirmation asks: “Permanently clear deleted voicemails?” Click Clear All to continue clearing all deleted voicemails, or click Cancel to cancel clearing deleted voicemails.

Calling from within Visual Voicemail

1. With voicemail message highlighted, or during playback tap the Call Back button.

  • Call is placed.

3. Or tap the Message Info arrow to the right of the message.

  • Message info is displayed for the message

4. Tap Call to place a call.

  • Call is placed

Text from within Visual Voicemail

1. Tap the Message Info arrow to the right of the message.

  • Message Info displays for the message

2. Tap Send Message to send a text (SMS) message.

  • Text/ SMS /New Message window displays

3. Type message in the message window and tap Send.

  • Sent message displays in Message window.