How to Set Up Auto Attendant

March 16, 2023

StreamWIDE - Setting up an Auto Attendant

To set up an Auto Attendant (also known as Enhanced Call Processing or ECP box), use the GCI Voicemail web portal. If you try to set up your Auto Attendant through the call-in menu, the voicemail becomes a regular voicemail box (not an Auto Attendant).

To log in:

  1. Open your preferred browser and navigate to the GCI Voicemail web portal.

  2. Enter 10-digit phone number. Note: This is the 10-digit phone number of the Auto Attendant.
  3. Enter Access Code (PIN). Note: The first time you log in, you will use a temporary password, which is the last five digits of your Auto Attendant phone number.
  4. Click "Log In."

To create a menu:

  1. Under "Auto-Attendant" in the left-hand menu, click "Schedules."

  2. In the Manage Schedules section, click "Add."

  3. Update fields in the "Add Schedule" section (see descriptions below).

  4. After you have updated the desired fields, click "Add."
  5. Update fields in the "Manage Menu" section (see descriptions below).

    1. Name: Name of the menu. Note: This is a required field.
    2. Description: Brief description of the schedule. Note: This is optional.
    3. Audio File: Select or create WAV file to be played.
      1. Upload: Upload a WAV file from a computer. If you do not have computer recording software, then use the Web Call option.
        • Click "Choose File."
        • Select file and click "Open."
      2. Web Call: Voicemail system will call you at a local number of your choosing. You can then record your menu over the phone.
        • Enter 10-digit local phone number.
      3. Name: Optional.
      4. Description: Optional.
    4. Enable Extended Timeout: Extends the amount of time the caller has to select an option before it times out.
    5. Select Active Menu Keys: Defines which keys are active and what they will do. Note: Keys will be set up after the menu is recorded. Instructions are outlined in the Activating Menu Keys section below.
    6. Click "Submit." Note: If Web Call option is chosen, the voicemail system will call the selected number immediately. To record the menu using Web Call, follow the prompts.

To activate menu keys:

  1. Select the number key to program.
  2. Choose the option for that key using the drop-down menu (see descriptions below).

    • Jump To Menu: Transfer caller to another menu.
    • Play Prompt: Play an announcement.
    • Leave a message in the Current Mailbox.
    • Transfer to Company Directory.
    • Transfer Call to Predefined Phone Number: Transfer caller to a local or toll-free number.
    • Direct Deposit to Predefined Phone Number: Transfer called to another GCI voicemail box.
  3. Repeat for desired number of keys to activate.
  4. Choose option for Timeout. Note: The timeout duration is three seconds unless "Enable Extended Timeout" is selected. Extended timeout duration is 10 seconds. When "Jump To Menu" is selected here, the same menu can be used so that the menu options are played again for the caller.
  5. Hit "Submit" to save menu keys.