GCI Usage Viewer App – iPhone

July 20, 2016

NOTE:  The Usage Viewer is a guide for estimating current usage. Be advised that real-time updates are not available as usage is consumed. Totals from previous days may increase as the usage records are processed and reported in the Usage Viewer. Changes to your plan during the billing cycle may result in inconsistent usage reporting until a new billing cycle begins. If you have questions about your usage, please contact Customer Service.

There is also an app available for Android operating systems.

Install the GCI Usage app

Download and install the GCI Usage app from the Apple App Store on your iPhone. After installing, follow the Log In steps below.

Log In

1. Click on the GCI Usage app.

2. That will display the Log in screen.

a. Enter your MyGCI, username and password, then press the Log In button.

    • Did you forget your MyGCI username and/or password? Use this online tool to retrieve it.

Log In Button

b. If you want the log in information retained, slide the Remember me to On, prior to pressing the Log In button.

Remember Me Slider

c. If you slide the Remember me to Yes, you will see the following message. Press OK to continue.

Remember Me Message

d. If you do not have a MyGCI log in, you may sign-up using your device by clicking on the Sign up link.

Sign Up Link

e. Clicking on the Sign Up link will take you the Web Site Sign up page.

Web Sign up

f. Information about MyGCI is located on the Article titled What is a MyGCI account

g. After clicking Log In, you will be taken to the Usage Home / Overview screen.

 Overview Screen

Basic Navigation

There are three general areas which allow you to navigate this app.

1. The main screen. By clicking on one of the line items on the main screen, you move that area providing either different options or more information.

Main Screen

2. By clicking on an icon on the bottom menu you can navigate to the Home screen, the Services screen or the Alerts / Notifications screen.

Bottom Navigation

3. By clicking on the top menu bar you can either go back a screen or Log Out from the Home /Overview screen (Log Out is displayed on screen shot).

Top Navigation

Viewing Usage Information

1. After logging in you will see the Home / Overview screen.

Overview Screen

2. By default you will see an overview of the Wireless device(s) on your MyGCI account. By clicking on a phone number you can see more detailed information concerning that specific number.

At A Glance

3. From this screen you have two options: click on either the

  • Back button to go back to the Home / Overview screen, or the
  • Notifications link to see notifications concerning this service


Services and Usage

1. Click the Services and Usage link from the Home/ Overview screen.


 2. Clicking on the Services and Usage link will take you to the different services on your account. (Note at the launch of this app, only Wireless data services are available.)

Wireless Services

3. Again, clicking on a specific phone number, you can see more detail concerning that number.

At A Glance

4. From this screen you have two options: click on either the

  • Back button, to go back to the Home / Overview screen or the
  • Notifications button to see notifications concerning this service



Notifications on this app, will not be available when the app is launched. GCI plans to have this feature available soon, and will auto-update the app, when it is available.

1. Click Manage Alerts from the Home / Overview page.

Notification Link

2. That will display all notifications associated with the account. (Note: when in a specific service on the At A Glance page, clicking on Notifications will only display notifications for that specific service.)


3. From the Notifications screen you can click Back or Home.


Log Out

1.To Log Out, you must be on the Home /Overview screen then click Log Out.