Tivo Self Install

December 12, 2022

Installing your TiVo DVR


Whats Included:


Installation, set-up, and ongoing functionality of your TiVo box will require internet connectivity by plugging your TiVo box into your router via an Ethernet cable. The instructions below assume that your cable modem, router, and TiVo box are all located at the same coax outlet, near the television you wish to connect.


Step by Step Process: 


1. Start by screwing one end of the coax cable to the cable wall outlet, then connect the opposite end to the IN port of the included 2-way splitter.



2. Attach a second coax cable to one of the OUT ports on the 2-way splitter, then connect the opposite end to your cable modem. Ensure that all of your connections are finger tight.



3. Attach a third coax cable from the remaining OUT port and connect it to the cable in port on the back of your TiVo box.



4. Connect the Ethernet cable into an open port on your router, and plug the opposite end into the Ethernet port on your TiVo box.



5. Plug the power cord into your TiVo box. Plug the other end into an electrical outlet.



6. For HDTVs:

Plug one end of the HDMI cable to the HD to TV port on your TiVo box. Plug the other end into an HDMI port on your TV. Take note of which HDMI port you use on your TV. You will reference it later.


For non-HDTVs:

Connect coax cable to the To TV port on your TiVo box. Screw the other end into the Cable In coax port on your TV. 



7. Turn ON your TV. Using your TV remote, press the input/source button. Select the name of the TV port you used in Step 6. You should then see a TiVo boot screen or live video.



8. Using your TiVo remote press the TiVo logo button at the top to access TiVo Central. Using the arrow keys select Settings & Messages >Remote > Remote Control Setup > Set TV Power, Volume, & Mute.



9. Select your TV manufacturer and follow the onscreen instructions to program the TiVo remote to control your TVs power and volume.



10. Finally, press the TiVo button to access TiVo Central, and navigate to Settings & Messages >Network Settings >TiVo Service Connection.



11. Once selected, your device will connect to TiVo servers to download the latest guide data and box configuration. You may now select "Go back" to watch TV or access additional TiVo features.



12. Setup complete! If the TiVo connection was successful you will now have a 14 days of guide information, the latest TiVo software, and confirmed internet connectivity for all of your apps. If the connect to TiVo process failed, you do not see live video, or are experiencing an internet connection error at the top of the TiVo Central page, contact GCI Technical Support at 800-800-4800 for further assistance.