How do I order Pay-Per-View movies or events?

July 25, 2016

Ordering Pay-Per-View with TiVo

  1. Press "Guide" on your TiVo remote.

  2. Navigate to the desired Pay-Per-View channel.
    -Pay-Per-View channels are 780-791 and 900-904.
    -UFC fights in English are usually on channel 780.
  3. Support_PPV_2_NavTo780

  4. Use the right arrow on your remote to find the show or event you'd like to order.

  5. Press the “Select” button to purchase. 

If you cannot purchase the event, ensure that channel 780 is selected in the TiVo settings.
Learn how to change your settings.


Ordering Pay Per View with your non-TiVo DVR

  1. Select the “Menu” button on your GCI remote.
  2. Select PPV icon in the quick menu.
  3. Select PPV then choose which PPV list you wish to use to find your movie or event
    • Time
    • Title
    • Events
    • Adult
  4. Make your selection, press BUY, and confirm your order & Enjoy!