OnePass. A smarter way to enjoy it all.

July 22, 2016

GCI TV powered by TiVo customers can create a OnePass. Only OnePass can turn your TiVo into the ultimate binge box. Now find every episode of any show you want to watch – in seconds, no matter where it comes from.

TiVo’s new OnePass technology gathers every episode of any show and creates a custom playlist for you in your My Shows folder. Watch a series from beginning to end, or start on any episode and season you want. If it’s not available on TV or on demand, OnePass completes your playlist with episodes from Netflix, Hulu and much more!

Here are helpful hints to enjoy your OnePass experience and manage your entertainment.

  • OnePass gives you access to all video providers (i.e. Hulu Plus and Netflix) as a source for getting every episode of your favorite shows. If you don’t want to see options from video providers you do not subscribe to, scroll to the bottom of TiVo Central and select “Settings & Messages”. Then go to “Settings”, select “Channels” and then click on “Video Providers”. From there you can select or remove video providers.
  • Acquires and organizes episodes from all sources – live TV, Video on Demand, etc.
  • Organizes recordings and streaming videos by episodic order per TV show.
  • Displays watched progress bar for recordings.
  • OnePass default number of recordings is 25. This is very important to remember when you transfer Season Passes to the new box so that you can reduce or increase the number of recordings.
  • A progress bar appears when you’ve started watching a recorded show from your OnePass, then disappears when you’ve watched the entire show.
  • To get to “My Shows” quickly, simply hit the silver TiVo button twice.

Learn more on TiVo OnePass here