GCI Conference Now Support

December 7, 2022

Before your conference call:

  1. If this is your first GCI Conference Now conference, familiarize yourself with the controls and capabilities of the standard GCI Conference Now commands and features (see below).
  2. Inform all participants of the time and date of the conference, and include your GCI Conference Now phone number and access code.

When it is time for your conference call:

  1. Dial in on the GCI Conference Now phone number.
  2. Enter your access code, and then listen to the prompts to enter your Chairperson Passcode to begin the conference.
  3. Conference Participants dial the GCI Conference Now phone number at the designated time, enter the access code, and the conference is underway.

Chairperson Commands & Features

As the conference Chairperson, you can control access to your conference, as well as who can speak or just listen. To keep your conference well-organized, the below commands are available to you at any time during the conference. They can be activated through the touch-tone phone that you used to initiate the conference.

Commands Feature
*  1
Dial out to a participant

*  1 Join new participant to the conference

* 2 Join new participant and dial another participant

* 3 Disconnect line and rejoin conference

* 4 Disconnect line and dial another participant
* 4
Lock conference (prevent new participants)
* 5
Unlock conference (allow new participants)
* 6
Mute line
* 7
Unmute line
* 8
Allow conference to continue after you disconnect
* #
Count the number of participants on the conference
# #
Mute all lines
9 9
Unmute all lines
# 1
Turn listen only mode on
# 2
Turn listen only mode off
0 0
Ask for operator: Operator will join the conference
* 0
Ask for operator:  Operator will put requestor into private conference with operator
* *
List of available commands

Participant Command and Features

The following commands are available to participants at any time during the conference. They can be activated by dialing the commands on the touch-tone phone that you used to join the conference.

Commands Feature
* 6
Mute line
* 7
Unmute line (cannot override the Chairperson if listen only mode is activated or muted)
* #
Count participants
0 0
Ask for operator: Operator will join the conference
* *
List of available commands

Additional Features

  • Flexible Access Codes: Access codes can range from 5-20 numeric digits in length.
  • Quick Start: Participants can be joined into conference without the Chairperson.
  • Chairperson Passcode Aging (on/off): The Chairperson can set their passcode to expire at various time intervals (30, 45, 60, 90, 120 or 180 days). An expiration message will play to the Chairperson 10 days prior to their passcode expiration date.
  • Entry/Exit Tones: This feature enables tones to be played to all parties upon entry, exit, or both.
  • Sub-Conference: This feature turns on the sub-conference feature, allowing for 1-15 separate breakout rooms per conference.
    • Instructions:
      1. The Chairperson presses # 3 to toggle sub-conferencing on/off.
      2. Once sub-conferencing is turned on, Participants use the following commands to enter their respective sub-conferences:
        • 1 # # – Participant enters sub-conference 1
        • 2 # # – Participant enters sub-conference 2
        • 9 # # – Participant enters sub-conference 9
      3. To join back into the main conference, the Chairperson or Participant hits 0 # #.

NOTE: You have the ability to use up to 15 different sub-conferences at a given time. You do not need to use them in numeric order; you could use 3, 6, 1, and 8, or any combination you desire.

  • Post-Conference Email Summary: Call details can be sent immediately to the Chairperson after a conference ends, indicating a conference took place on the Chairperson’s account.

Security Tips

Change your Chairperson Passcode number frequently. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Dial your GCI Conference Now phone number.
  2.  Enter your access code.
  3. Press the # key.
  4. Enter your current Chairperson Passcode.
  5. Select Option 2.
  6. Follow the prompts to create a new Chairperson Passcode.

For maximum security, use the lock conference feature: * 4 to lock; * 5 to unlock.

Account Options

To change your account settings:

  1. Dial in to GCI Conference Now phone number.
  2. Enter your access code followed by your passcode.
  3. Press * 2 to change account options and follow the voice prompts.