GCI Conference Center Portal

December 7, 2022


The GCI Conferencing Portal allows you to manage your GCI Conference Now subscription and features conveniently from an online website.

Specific plan instructions also available:

Key Benefits and Functionality

Manage your Conference Now experience:

  • View your user information and Conference Now account information, such as conference details and dial-in phone numbers.
  • View “How To” information to help you use your Conference Now account.
  • Modify your Conference Now account options.

Accessing the Conferencing Portal

Log In using your GCI Conference Now credentials:

  • Visit https://conf.cfer.com/
  • Enter your Conference Now account information: Your Conference Now phone number, access code, and Chairperson passcode.

If you do not know this information, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-770-2121.

Log in using your username and password:

If you don’t know this information, please contact please contact Customer Service at 1-800-770-2121.

How to set up your username and password using my user profile:

  • Log in to the conferencing portal using your Conference Now credentials.
  • Click on My User Profile in the left navigation.
  • Click Edit.
  • Establish your password.
    • Must contain at least eight characters; one must be capitalized and two must be numerical.
  • Re-enter your password.
  • Click Save.

Navigating the Conferencing Portal


The home screen displays everything you need to manage your account.

My User Profile

This is where you can view and edit your user details.

  • You can edit all fields with the exception of your name. To make a name change, please contact your conference administrator or Customer Care.
  • The username and password must be in a specific format. Please see the How to Set Up Your Username and Password for more information.

NOTE: Changing your email address will not impact your username.

Navigating My Profile


  • The Conferences screen displays calls conducted on your account in the past six months. Within the Conferences screen, you can enter Account Codes. These are reference numbers for Chairpersons to use for cost accounting purposes. A Chairperson may enter an account code via touchtone commands before starting a conference call or via the conferencing portal after a conference call has ended. An account code may be added via the portal for conferences that have yet to be invoiced. The code may be 20 characters in length.

How To

  • To learn how to use your conferencing account, click on the How To page. Here you will see tips for services you have access to.

Download vCard

  • Click on Download vCard to get an electronic conference card saved to your email contacts that include all of your conference information. After you have downloaded the vCard, you can add account information into the Notes section, such as your access code, frequently used dial-in numbers, or conference phone commands (DTMF codes).

Dial-In Numbers

  • This page displays the dial-in numbers for your account. Participants who are attending your conference can also log in to the conference portal using your Conference Now number and access code to view dial-in numbers by clicking on the Dial-In Numbers tab.

My Account

My Account allows you to view your Conference Now information and modify your account settings. You may also be able to add a Conference Now account, email an account confirmation or edit your Conference Now account options.

  • View Conference Now Account Information
    • If you have a Conference Now account assigned to you, you will see the account information listed when you click on My Account. This will include your access phone number, access code, Chairperson passcode and the number of maximum connections assigned to your account. You can edit your subscription by clicking Edit Account. You may also see an option to send an email confirmation that will include your Conference Now account information. For more information, see the Email Conference Now Account Confirmation section of this user guide.
    • If you do not see Conference Now account information listed, you do not have an account assigned to you. To get a Conference Now account, contact Customer Service at 1-800-770-2121. You may also have the option to set up the account yourself. If so, select to add a Conference Now Account. This option will only appear if it has been enabled by your conference administrator.
  • Add a Conference Now Account
    Once you‘re established as a user, you may be able to add a Conference Now account by clicking on the Add a Conference Now Account link. This must be enabled by your conference administrator.
  • Step 1: Account Setup
    • User details will be displayed and are not editable from this screen. If you wish to edit the user details, visit the My User Profile section on page 8 of this user guide.
    • An access number will be displayed. If there is more than one access number available, you can select the appropriate number from the dropdown menu.
    • The access code will be displayed. If not, you can enter your own access code or click to generate a random access code.
    • Enter a 4 – 9 digit Chairperson passcode. The Chairperson passcode should not contain sequential digits (1234), consecutive digits (1111), or passcodes matching the last 5-20 digits of the Access Code. These passcodes are considered high risk for fraudulent attacks and will be restricted by the Conference Now bridge. The user will be prompted to change it when dialing into their conference.
    • Next, you have two options for proceeding:
      1. Click Next to proceed to Step 1a: Account Options. This allows you to view all account options and edit them, or…
      2. Click Create Account using Default Options to create the Conference Now account with your company‘s default settings. You will skip over Step 1a: Account Options and proceed to Step 1b: Web Conferencing and Recording Options. You can always go back to Step 1a if you need to make modifications to the account options.
  • Step 1a: Account Options
    • Several account options are listed. Pre-selected items are the default values that are configured as part of your company profile.
    • To read a description of a feature, click on the blue question mark.
    • Select/Deselect a feature to turn it on/off, or select a value from a dropdown menu.
    • If a feature is listed but you are unable to select it, the feature is not enabled for your company. Contact your conference administrator for more details.
    • Click Next to proceed to Step 1b: Web Conferencing and Recording Options.
  • Step 2: Confirm Account Details
    • Review your account selections. You may edit any section again by clicking Edit.
    • Click Submit at the bottom of the page when you have finished.
  • Step 3: Confirmation of Account Creation
    • You will receive a congratulations message confirming your new account has been created. You can start using your account immediately.
    • You have three options from this screen (if enabled for your company):
      1. Email Account Confirmation – Send a Conference Now email confirmation that includes everything needed to start using the account.
      2. Create another Conference Now account.
      3. Edit this account.
  • Email Conference Now Account Confirmation
    • The Email Account Confirmation option appears when you are viewing Conference Now account information, or when you have edited the account and are at the confirmation page.
    • When selected, you can send a confirmation to the user or to anyone else by entering their email address.
    • You can also view a preview of the email that will be sent out.
    • Click Send Email to send the confirmation.
  • Edit Conference Now Account Details
    • You can modify Conference Now account options by selecting Edit Account when Conference Now account details are listed. The following sections will be displayed.
      • Account Details: These are the user details of the account. These details can be edited by accessing My User Profile. Please see the My User Profile section on page 8 of this user guide for more information.
      • Account Setup: This is the Conference Now account information.
      • Account Options: These are the Conference Now account options that can be turned on/off for the account.
    • Click on the Edit button in the section you wish to edit. When you have completed your edits, click on the Next button to confirm your edits and update the account.

System & Account Requirements

The GCI Conference Portal has been certified with the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Windows 7 (64 bit)