Amplify Network Extender User Guide and Self-install instructions

August 2, 2016


  1. Connect your device to the internet by connecting the Ethernet cable from the "Ethernet" port on your Amplify Network Extender to your modem or router.
  2. connect your device

  3. Connect the GPS antenna to the GPS port on your Amplify Network Extender.
  4. connect GPS antenna
    For best results, place the magnetic square end of the 16ft. GPS antenna within three feet of a window.

  5. Power on your device by connecting your Amplify Network Extender to a power outlet with the included AC power adapter. The power light on the front of the device will come on immediately.
  6. Power on device

  7. Within a few minutes, the light will start to flash. Wait while your device connects. The start-up process can take up to 20 minutes.
  8. When the light on your Amplify Network Extender is solid green it's configured and working correctly.
    Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your wireless phone. This will prevent any unintended wireless data plan usage while connected to Amplify Network Extender. 

Amplify Network Extender Status Indicators

The LED indicator will help support Amplify Extender issues. Here is a list of short descriptions to help diagnose the status of your Amplify Network Extender. The color of the LED (Red or Green) combined with the number of flashes will indicate the nature of the problem.

LED Status: Off
Description: Powered off or unknown
Resolution: Ensure power supply is connected

LED Status: Solid Green
Description: In service
Resolution: Working correctly

LED Status: Slow Green
Description: In service with an active session
Resolution: Working correctly

LED Status: Fast Green
Description: Initialization or factory reset
Resolution: Wait for the light to turn solid green or red

LED Status: Solid or Flashing Red
Description: One or more of the following: 
  • Connection issue
  • Internet data issue
  • Signal issue
  • Provisioning issue
  • No internet connection
  • Unit overheating

Resolution: Follow troubleshooting steps in this order until issue is resolved. 

  1. Power cycle - unplug device, wait 10 seconds, and plug back in.
  2. Hold down reset button until it blinks green (about 6 seconds).
  3. Hold down reset until light blinks green, then red, and starts to blink green.
  4. Try moving the GPS Antenna to a different location.