Managing Your WebMail Account

August 2, 2016

GCI is upgrading all email accounts to a new WebMail portal.

One of the main advantages of this new WebMail application is the ability to view your email from all devices able to connect to the Internet (including the iPhone, and iPad).

Logging in and viewing email

1. This upgrade will not change the way you log into WebMail. Simply enter your email address and password at your login page and you will be automatically taken to the new WebMail application.

  • If you are a GCI customer and would like additional instructions on how to login, please see the article titled WebMail Login.

2.  After entering your email address and password you will see the new WebMail Portal. (Email displayed in three pane view on this screen shot).


3. You can change the view to either a two pane or three pane view by clicking on the Pane options icons, located directly below the Sign Out button.


4. Once you are logged in you will be taken directly to your Inbox. (Email displayed in two pane view on this screen shot).


5. You can click on any email to open and read the full message.

Opened Email

Viewing an Attachment

1. Log into your WebMail account as displayed above.


2. You can determine an email has an attachment  by the attachment icon.


3. Click on the email with the attachment, to open the email.

Opened Email

4. Click on the attachment icon.

Attachment icon

5. You will see a message requesting an action from you. To view the attachment, click Open, to save the attachment click Save.


6.  The attachment should open for your review.

Opened attachment

Sorting your Inbox or a Folder

To sort the messages in your Inbox or any folder in this application, you must move from the 3-pane view to the 2-pane view. Once in the 2-pane view you can sort the messages, you can then changing to the 3-pane view will display your sort.  At this time, it appears this program will not retain your sort after logging out, GCI is investigating to see if this can be changed.

1. After logging in (steps above). Displayed is the 3-pane view.

3-Pane view

2. Click on the 2-pane icon, to change to the 2-pane view to be able to sort.

2-pane icon

3. Your Inbox is now in 2-pane view.

2-pane view

4. You will click on the menu bar of the field you would like to sort. Fields are From, Subject, Date, Attachment, or Size.

Menu bar

5. Click on the field you desire to sort by, in this example the From field was clicked.

Sorted Inbox

6. Click the 3-pane icon to return to the 3-pane view.

3 pane icon

7. Messages are now sorted and visible in the 3-pane view.

3 pane view

Again, once you log out of this application, the messages will return to the date/time default sort.

Sending an Attachment

1. Log into WebMail as displayed above.

New Email

2. Click on the New link and from the drop-down, select New Email.

New Email

3. Select New Email.(shown above)

New Email

4. Click on the Attach from Computer button.

Attachment Button

5. That displays a normal navigation window. Navigate to the file you wish to attach, select the file, and click Open.

Navigate to attachment

6. You will see the attachment on the email.

Attachment on email


1. After logging in, click on Contacts to view, or edit your contacts.


2. Contacts displayed.

Contacts displayed

Whitelist and Blacklist buttons

There are two buttons allowing you to quickly and easily add an email address to either your Whitelist or Blacklist.

These buttons are available for use within any folder in the WebMail application. GCI expects most individuals to use the buttons from either the Inbox – to Blacklist an email or from the MailGuard folder - to Whitelist an email. The examples displayed below provide support for those two situations. However, the buttons are accessible from any folder or when viewing an email. You must have an “active” email (by clicking on the email) for these buttons to become active; other-wise the buttons are greyed out. You also must be logged into WebMail to use these shortcut buttons.

The new buttons.

New buttons

To add an email address to the Blacklist from your Inbox.

1. From your Inbox.


2. Select the email you wish to add to your Blacklist.

Select Single email

3. The press the Blacklist button.

Blacklist Button

4. After pressing the Blacklist button you will see a message indicating the email address is now added to your Blacklist.

Single Success Message

You can add multiple messages at the same time.

5. Check the multiple message you wish to add to the Blacklist.

Select Multiple messages

6. Press the Blacklist button.

 Blacklist Multiple Messages

7. After pressing the Blacklist button you will see a message indicating the multiple email addresses are added to your Blacklist.

Multiple Success

8. You will now need to move the message(s) to the Blacklist Folder or delete the message(s). The email address is added to the Blacklist, so any future email with that address(es) will be moved to the MailGuard Folder. The current messages are not moved.

To add an email address to the Whitelist from the MailGuard Folder:

1. Click on the MailGuard Folder.

MailGuard Folder

2. Select the email.

Select Single Email

3.  After selecting the email message, press the Whitelist button.

Whitelist button

4. After pressing the Whitelist button you will see a message indicating the email address has been added to the Whitelist.

Whitelist Success

You can add multiple messages to your Whitelist at the same time.

6. Select multiple messages.

Select Multiple Messages

7. Press the Whitelist button.

Multiple Whitelist Messages

8. You will see a success message indicating the email addresses have been added to your Whitelist.

Multiple Success Message

9. You will need to move the messages to your Inbox to keep the messages. Any future email with those addresses will go into your Inbox.

Settings (Webmail settings, Spam Settings, MailGuard, Filters)

Settings will allow you to control many features relating to this application. The most common will probably be the Anti-Spam Whitelist (places email into your Inbox), the Anti-Spam Blacklist (places email into the Mail Guard folder), and Email Filters (allowing you to direct your mail into other folders).

1. After logging into the applications, click on Settings.


WebMail Settings

2. After clicking on settings, the first option is Webmail Settings, which provides options for the email account.

Account Settings

Spam Sensitivity Setting

3.  After logging into the Settings, click on the Anti-Spam Settings.

Anti-Spam Settings

4. Click on the drop down arrow next to Spam Filter Sensitivity.

Drop Down Menu

5. You will see four different options.

Spam Options

  • Normal: The default setting GCI places on email accounts
  • High: All messages that show ANY indication of being spam will be placed into the MailGuard folder, unless it is FROM an address in your whitelist. Increases the Spam placed into the MailGuard folder, but also increases the possibility of a valid email being placed into the MailGuard folder (If a message is caught by MailGuard you can Whitelist the address)
  • Maximum: All messages re placed into your MailGuard folder, unless it is from an email addresses in your Whitelist.
  • Disabled: All messages are delivered to the Inbox. NO messages are place in your MailGuard folder for any reason, even if the FROM address is in your Blacklist.

6. Select your level of filtering and press Save Settings.

Filter Selected

7.  You will see a message indicating the setting is saved.

Setting Saved

Manually Setting Whitelist and Blacklist

8. After clicking on Settings, clicking on the Anti-Spam Settings displays the option to enter information into the Whitelist and Blacklist.

White/Black List

8a. Enter the email address or domain, as seen on the email, into either the Whitelist senders (places in Inbox) or the Blacklist senders (places in MailGuard Folder) text box. Then press Save Settings.

  • Email address or Domain must match item which will come into accountSpam List

8b. After pressing Save Settings you will see a success message. If you do not see the success message, the email address or domain will not be permanently added to your account.

  • Example of a Domain match is displayed with Groupon. It must be and not just groupon.comAdded Content

9. Clicking on the Email Filters link allows you to enter Rules or Filters. Note: If you create a filter that action occurs before the Whitelist and Blacklist check.

Email Filter

10. The Mail Options Setting is primarily used to forward your email to a different account. If you select this option, you will not get a copy of the email in this account.

Mail Options

Help Section

This application comes with a help section.

1. After logging in, look for the question mark on the menu bar.

Help Link

2. Clicking on the question mark, displays a new window with help information.

Help Information

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