How to Put a Windows Computer into Safe Mode_NewsRelease

January 31, 2017

You will see the Run option screen. How to Put a Windows Computer into Safe Mode

Occasionally, you may experience technical difficulties in Windows when installing a new driver or program, or if you’ve accidentally downloaded a virus. Starting Windows in Safe Mode allows the computer to operate with only the bare essentials. If the problem you’re experiencing doesn’t appear when the computer is in Safe Mode, you can eliminate default settings and basic drivers as potential causes. Basically, Safe Mode is a diagnostic tool for eliminating possible programs or drivers that cause your computer to function incorrectly. 


  1. Press the Window Key plus the letter R at the same time.


    2. You will see the Run option screen.


    3. In the text field, type “msconfig”


    4. Press OK and you will see the System Configuration screen.


    5. Click the Boot tab.  


    6. Check ”Safe boot” and click the “Network” button.


    7. Press OK.

    8. Click “Restart.”

    9. The system will then shut down. When you log back in, you should be in Safe Mode.

    10. To exit Safe Mode
    a. Press WIN+R Key again
    b. Type “msconfig” in the run box again
    c. Select the “Boot” tab again
    d. Uncheck the “Safe Boot” box this time
    e. Press “OK,” and your computer will be prompted to restarted
    f. Once the computer powers back up, log in, and you should no longer be in Safe Mode.