How to Ping a Website Using Either Windows or Mac Operating Systems

January 31, 2017

The Ping command is a means through which you can test the connection speed between your computer and a website. Pinging can diagnose the strength, distance, and availability of a connection over the internet. 

Windows Instructions

  1. Hold down the Windows key and the R key at the same time.

    Windows key and the R key

  2. In the RUN box, type in CMD and press OK.

    How to Ping2

    3. The Command Prompt will appear. Type in the address (or IP address you wish to ping). (In this example it was, and hit Enter.
    Each Ping test makes four attempts, and gives back a response for each attempt. If the response looks like this, the test is successful.
    How to Ping 3
    If the response looks like either of the below examples, the test failed:
    How to Ping 4
    How  to Ping 5

    Mac or Apple Instructions
    1. Hold down the Command key (⌘) and press the spacebar. 
    How to Ping 6
    2. When the Spotlight Search pops up, type "Terminal" and hit Enter. This should open up a Terminal Window. 
    3. Enter in the Ping command. This functions similarly to the Network Utility app. Type “ping -c 5(IP address or host name) and press Enter.

    Tips: You can usually get all the info you need with 5-10 pings
    How to ping 7

    As the image above shows, the test was successful.