GCI.net Email Set-up for Windows 8 (Win8)

August 8, 2016

Windows 8 default mail program creates an IMAP account instead of a POP3 account. If you desire a POP3 account with your computer you will need a different client program such as Outlook,  Windows Live Essentials mail, or Thunderbird. The main difference between POP3 and IMAP:

  • POP3 allows you to download and store the email messages on your computer, removing the email from GCI’s Mail Server
  •  IMAP mirrors the messages on GCI’s Mail server allowing you to view your email messages. Using IMAP you do not get a permanent copy on your computer

This article provides the steps to add your GCI.net to the default Windows 8 IMAP mail program.


1. Go to the Start screen.

Start Screen

2. Locate and click on the Mail icon.

Mail Icon

3.  You will see the default Mail program.

Mail Program

4.  Move your cursor to the lower right corner to display the menu bar.

Mail Menu Bar

5. Click on the Setting icon.

Settings Icon

6. You will see the Setting Menu bar.

Settings Menu

7. Click on Accounts.


8.  You will see the Accounts menu.


 9. Click on Other Account.

Other Account

10. You will see the short form for entering an email account.

Short Form

11. While you may enter your email address and password into this screen, DO NOT click on the connect button. Please click on the Show more details link.

Short Form

12. You will see the default long form for adding an email account. If you added your email address and password on the short form, it should auto-populate to the long form.

Default Long Form

13. Complete the form as follows:

  • Email address: Enter your GCI.net email address
  • Username: Enter your username,  the part of the email address before the @ symbol
  • Password: Enter your email account password
  • Incoming (IMAP) email server: Enter mail.gci.net and change the Port to 143
  • Uncheck the Incoming server requires SSL check box
  • Outgoing (IMAP) email server: Enter smtp.gci.net and change the Port to 25
  • Uncheck the Outgoing server requires SSL check box
  • Leave checked Outgoing server requires authentication
  • Leave checked Use the same username and password to send and receive emailForm Filled

14. Press Connect. You will see a message stating updating and then is should take you to the Inbox in the Mail program with your GCI.net account.


15. You are now finished and you should be able to view, edit, change messages and send email.

Review Email Settings or Removing an account

1. Enter your Mail account.

Mail Account

2. Move your cursor to the lower right corner to bring up the Menu bar and click the Settings icon.

Menu Bar and Settings Icon

3. Click on Accounts.


4.  You will see the email accounts on the computer.

Accounts on computer

5. Click on the Check settings link under your GCI account.

Check Settings

6. You can review the current settings, change settings, or click the Remove account button to delete the account.

Account Settings