Send an email using WebMail Contacts

August 4, 2016

There are two different ways to use your contacts in GCI’s WebMail application to send an email message. Both of these methods use the individual’s name and contact email address that must already be saved in the WebMail contacts. Learn more on how to add a contact. The main difference between the two approaches is how you start the email message process.

Creating a New email

1. Log into GCI’s WebMail Application.

Logged into WebMail

2. Click the New drop down menu and select New Email.

New Tab

3. You will see a blank email message for you to compose.

Blank email

4. Click in the To field, and begin typing the name of the individual contact you wish to send an email  (The individual must already be in your contacts).  You will see a drop down list of available contacts appear.

Contact List

5. Click the name of the contact, and it will add the contact in the To field of the email.

Contact in To fiels

6. You can repeat the process to add multiple recipients. Start typing the name of the new contact individual.

Second contact

7. Click on the name of the next individual to add to the email.

Multiple contacts

8. After selecting all recipients, complete your email and send.

Create using your Contacts List

Note: Using this method will only place the contacts in the To field. This method will not allow for the email address to be placed in the CC or BCC field. To enter an address in the CC or BCC field, you must type the address.

1. Log into GCI’s WebMail Application.

Logged into WebMail

2. Click on the Contacts tab.

Contacts tab

3. Check the contact you wish to send an email.

Select Contact

4. Click on either the Mail tab or on the saved email address.

Open Email

5. You will see a new email to complete and send, with your contact in the To field.

Draft Email

6. To send an email to multiple contacts, go to the contacts list (see step 2).

Contact List

7. You can check multiple contacts, or if selecting all contacts in your list, click on the More tab.

Select All

8.  Click Select ALL.

All selected

9. Press the Mail tab.

Mail icon

10. All email addresses are in the new email. Complete the email and send.

Mutiple Contacts