GCI Basic Settings

October 6, 2016


Incoming Server Information

  • Incoming Server Name (either POP3 or IMAP): mail.gci.net
  • Port Number:
    • For IMAP: Use Port Number: 143
    • For POP3: Use Port Number: 110

Outgoing Server Information

  • Outgoing Server Name (either POP3 or IMAP): smtp.gci.net
  • Port Number: 25 (if needed)

GCI requires outgoing mail to be authenticated. So ensure there is a check in the box which states My Server requires authentication  (different applications will have a little different wording, but all should have an option to check outgoing authentication)

Web Settings

http://home.gci.net/~username is where your site may be found. Username is the name you established with GCI Customer Service Representative.

If you are using a Static IP and need the GCI DNS settings, they are

  • ; vcns-3.gci.net
  • ; vcns-4.gci.net

Wireless Settings

GCI owns and maintains a GSM and CDMA network.

This article only contains settings for GCI’s GSM wireless network. Phones utilizing the CDMA network require a store visit to program settings.

Wireless (Cellular) Voice Mail Information:

  • Voice Mail Phone Number: 1-907-444-0068
  • Default Password: last 5 digits of your phone number (e.g., if you phone number is 555-1234 the default number is 51234).

MMS Settings – Consult your phone manual for steps to enter the MMS settings, not all the information below may be required for your phone.

  • Configuration Name: GCI MMS
  • APN: mms.gci
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 9201
  • MMS Setting URL: http://mmsc.gci.net
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 9201
  • APN Type: mms
  • Security PIN (if requested): 1234

WAP Settings – Consult you phone manual for steps to enter the WAP settings

  • Configuration Name: GCI WAP
  • WAP Access Point Name: wap.gci
  • Home Page URL: http://provantage.gci.csky.us
  • WAP Gateway Address:
  • Gateway Port: 9201
  • Security PIN (if requested): 1234

GPRS/Web Settings – Consult you phone manual for steps to enter the GPRS (Data) settings, these settings are normally used for Smartphones, but may be used for other devices.

  • Configuration name: Not applicable
  • GCI DATA Home page URL: http://web.gci.com
  • GPRS Access Point Name: web.gci
  • Security PIN (if requested): 1234


Motorola Phone Tools (Not supported by GCI, this information is provided as a courtesy only)

  • Service Provider: Select All Others
  • Click / Select: GPRS
  • APN: enter wap.gci
  • Click Finish, all other setting can be blank


Due to the large number of different routers available GCI does not provide support routers. GCI recommends the following:

  • Setting your router for DHCP.
  • If using a wireless router, enable the security features (WAP/PK), and consider using MAC authentication.

See your manual or the manufacture’s web site for more information on how to set up and secure your router.