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Support - Navigating WebMail

December 2, 2022

Navigating Webmail

Understanding the panes will help you navigate your webmail. All of these will be part of your default view and will change when you use another application tab, like Contacts or Calendar.

 Option Description
 Window header                                           The Window header displays:
  • Search box
  • User Name under which you are logged in. From the drop-down menu of your user name you can access product help, new features, about, change password, and sign out features.
 Application tabs The applications you can access are listed in the tabs on this row, such as the Mail or Calendar applications.
 Overview pane The Overview pane displays:
  • Folders: including system folders (Inbox, Sent, Draft)
  • Searches: search queries that you created and saved for future use
  • Tags: any tags you have created. Click on a tag to quickly see all messages that are tagged with that tag.
 Mini calendar The mini calendar is optional. You can disable it using the Preferences Calendar page.
 Toolbar The toolbar shows actions available for the application you are currently using.
 Content pane The Content pane area changes depending on what application is in use. In the Inbox view, it displays all messages or conversations in your Inbox.
 Reading pane Email messages are displayed in the Reading pane.
 Search bar Search options, including the Advanced Search feature, are displayed in this area. You can also save searches from here.