Alaska United Support

December 8, 2022

Alaska United is a high capacity diversely routed ring fiber optic communication network connecting Alaska's major population centers with the lower 48 states.

The network consists of six major sections:

  1. AU-North/NW providing connection of Anchorage, Fairbanks, Valdez to Prudhoe Bay to the submarine network.
  2. AU-East connecting Anchorage, Juneau, and Seattle with landing sites at Whittier, Lena Point and Lynwood, WA.
  3. AU-West connecting Anchorage to Seattle with landing points in Seward, Ketchikan and Warrenton, OR.
  4. AU-SE connecting the Southeast Alaska communities of Juneau, Sitka, Angoon, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Ketchikan to the submarine network.
  5. KKFL providing connections to Anchorage, Kenai, Homer, Seward and Kodiak through the KKCC cable.
  6. Connection with the UUI TERRA SW hybrid system serving SW Alaska.

The system utilizes optical amplification allowing flexible capacity expansion through the life of the system. The submarine portions where installed with state-of-the-art burial and laying technique by industry leaders. The cable is buried from the cable landing stations to a water depth of 4,900 ft where possible to avoid external aggressions. The networks diversely routed SONET ring architecture provides the highest availability and security of any commercial communication system for the state of Alaska.

24 hour Emergency Contacts:

If you believe your gear or anchor has come in contact with a submarine cable,
call GCI 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at:

907-868-5555 (Anchorage) or 888-442-8662

24 hour Emergency Contact for Washington and Oregon waters:

OFCC at: 503-325-2285

For all terrestrial Cable Locates:



The links provided contain the following GCI Submarine Cable Information:


All of the major GCI cables are provided graphically on chartletts for general information purposes. Please note that chartletts are not intended to be used for navigation.

Route Position Lists (RPL)

All of the major GCI cable routes are provided in latitude, longitude, depth, lists in several different file formats: MS-DOS text, Microsoft Excel, Comma Separated File (CVS), Navigation Object file for Rose Point Coastal Explore, MapTech route file, Google Earth KML file, Garmin Track File, GPX-GPS exchange format, ECC-Globe data base file, and Open Nav text format for easy import into most chart plotter programs. Note that the Open Nav and Navigation Object file formats includes the boundaries for the National Marine Fisheries Essential Fish Habitats, and pertinent Local Notice to Mariners updates. These files can be used to either manually or transfer the cable routes into vessel GPS chart plotters, computer, or electronic navigation system. Please give cables at least a º mile clearance when bottom fishing, anchoring, or doing any type of sea bottom activity.

File extensions:

.pdf Portable Document File
.csv Comma separated File
.nob Navigation Object File (Rose Point Coastal Explorer)
.rfx MapTech route file
.kml Google Earth
.txt Open Nav file (in fish open nav folder, exportable to numerous navigation softwares)
.gpx GPS exchange format
.trk Garmin track file


All Cables in One File
pdf nob kml txt gpx trk


Individual Files
Juneau Gastineau Channel Crossing csv
AUE Seg A Whittier to Gulf of Alaska csv
AUE Seg B Lynn Canal to Gulf of Alaska csv
AUE Seg C Puget Sound to Pacific Ocean csv
AUE Seg D Valdez to Whittier csv
AUSE-2 Ketchikan to Wrangell csv | pdf
AUSE-3 Wrangell to Mitkof Island csv | pdf
AUSE-4 Petersberg to Juneau csv | pdf
AUSE-5 Angoon to Hawk Inlet csv | pdf
AUSE-6A Angoon to Sergius Narrows csv
AUSE-6B Schulze Cove to Sitka csv
Stephens Passage to Snettisham csv
Stephens Passage to Taku csv
Seward to Gulf of Alaska csv
Clatsop Spit to Pacific Ocean csv
AUW-3 Ketchikan to Gulf of Alaska csv | pdf
KKCC1 Anchorage to Kenai csv | pdf
KKCC2 Kenai to Homer csv | pdf
KKCC3 Homer to Mill Bay, Kodiak csv | pdf
KKCC4 Mill Bay, Kodiak to Narrow Cape, Kodiak csv | pdf
KKCC5 Narrow Cape, Kodiak to Seward csv | pdf
Lynn Canal to Douglas Island csv
TERRA SW1 Homer to Iliamna Bay csv | pdf
Gulf of Alaska Cables pdf
Pacific Northwest Cables pdf