Online Protection and Adblocking

September 20, 2022


How does Online Protection work?

Enabling the Online Protection feature will protect your devices from malware sites, botnets, spyware, spam, phishing, keyloggers, monitoring, proxy avoidance, anonymizer and other harmful attacks on your network.


Does the Online Protection secure my network against IP-based threats?

The Online Protection supports Outbound IP Protection and Intrusion Prevention. Intrusion Prevention automatically blocks connections from high-risk IP addresses trying to remotely connect to your devices, keeping you and your family safe from online threats.


How is Advanced IoT Protection different from Online Protection?

Advanced IoT Protection (AIP) is a security advancement found in Plume Guard. Prior to its release, Online Protection protected all your connected home devices from going to sites known to host malware, spam, or phishing attacks. AIP provides protection from new, unknown attacks that are currently not part of any known threat intelligence database. It can detect unusual patterns in your IoT device's activity that indicates the device may be infected. Advanced IoT Protection can be enabled via the Guard tab from within the main menu.


How does Adblocking work?

Adblocking will help you block web and video advertisements as well as requests to known ad servers. You can enable this for either a device, person profile, or everyone. When you enable Adblocking for a person, this setting will be applied to all the devices assigned to that person.