AK-Fi Home App Features

February 13, 2023

With traditional WiFi, users have limited insight and control over their networks, making it hard for them to optimize their experience. With the AK-Fi Home app powered by Plume®, users can see, optimize, and control their WiFi network from a simple interface that enables a variety of smart home services: Adapt, Guard, and Access. Learn more about these features below.



This smart feature continually adjusts to various network activities to deliver superior coverage, speed, and reliability throughout the home. Adapt uses intelligent algorithms to monitor device connections throughout a smart home ecosystem, flagging instances of interference, optimizing traffic loads, and more, to determine optimal network configurations and making automatic adjustments where needed to keep home networks fast, efficient, and secure. These optimizations will occur automatically, and there is nothing you need to do to initiate them. Note: If parts of your home seem to be lacking in performance or WiFi coverage, please contact us and we will use our new and advanced troubleshooting capabilities that can diagnose your issue. In some cases, we may determine a WiFi signal extender is needed and offer that to you to supplement your home WiFi coverage and improve speeds. Please give us a call at 800-800-4800 if AK-Fi Home is not meeting your performance expectations.



Another smart feature of the AK-Fi Home app is Guard, which keeps connected homes safe using advanced security features that get smarter over time. Guard neutralizes threats throughout the home, powered by cloud-based real-time protection algorithms and machine learning-based intelligence. The system is easily deployed and user-managed through the mobile app, where dashboards let you monitor network threats and resolve user issues down to the device.



A unique feature of Control is the ability to freeze devices, called Time Out which pauses network and internet access for a device at a scheduled time without disconnecting it from the network. This can be done on demand or based on a schedule. Time Out is applied using profiles that give different timing to when the freeze starts or stops. The profiles are:

  • School Nights
  • Bedtime
  • End of Day
  • Indefinitely
  • Custom
  • Time Out

The final ability of the Control feature is Content Filtering, which protects users from inappropriate internet content without the need for constant monitoring. It uses a database of categorized web domains to block traffic from malicious sites.


How does Content Access work?

The content filtering feature will allow you to restrict content for a device or person. We have identified the most common content filtering categories that you can use when personalizing your online experience. When setting up content filtering for a person or device, you can enable any of the four content filtering categories:  
1. No limits: You can access all types of content. 
2. Kids appropriate: Content that is tagged as NOT appropriate for kids will be filtered and inaccessible. 
3. Teenager friendly: Content that is tagged as NOT appropriate for teens will be filtered and inaccessible. 
4. No adult content: All content tagged as adult content will not be accessible