Mobile Wireless Device Unlocking

Apple Devices are the only devices in GCI’s line-up of mobile wireless devices that require unlocking.  GCI will only unlock Apple Devices for the owner that bought the device from GCI. At this time, iPads are currently unlocked.

A customer may unlock their GCI Apple device (iPhone) under the following circumstances or situations:

  • Customer is traveling internationally and wishes to unlock their device for a limited period (60 days maximum) while traveling outside of the United States.

- For travel greater than 60 days, customers must call into Customer Service to confirm new return date and submit another unlock request.

- Upon return date, the device will be re-locked unless a new request to extend is submitted.

  • GCI will unlock iPhones for deployed military personnel who are GCI customers in good standing upon provision of deployment papers.
  •  If the customer paid full retail price for the Apple device and the customer has completed a minimum of 90 days of wireless service with GCI.

- Exception: All locked Certified Pre-Owned devices can be unlocked at the time of purchase.

  •  The customer has fulfilled all (24) months of his/her GCI wireless contract.
  • The customer has chosen to pay Early Termination Fees for his/her GCI wireless contract.  
  • A customer has paid a financed device in full.

Please note:

  •  For Apple Devices that have been warranty swapped through Apple, GCI or if the customer received an insurance replacement, the same requirements above apply.
  •  Once unlocked, GCI will no longer be responsible for the warranty of the device and the customer will be required to contact Apple with all warranty issues once unlock is complete.
  • This policy does not apply if a customer has won the device through a contest or drawing.
  • GCI reserves the right to decline an unlock request if it has a reasonable basis to believe the request is fraudulent in any way and/or if Customer's wireless account is not current, meaning that it has more than a 30 day balance.