GCI Conference Center

Features and Benefits

Conference Now

On –demand audio conferencing is the easiest way to conduct a conference call and requires no reservations. GCI Conference Now provides 24/7/365 conference operator assistance.

GCI Conference Now is easy to use. At the time of the call, all participants dial the GCI Conference Now Number and enter the access code.

Conference Plus

With GCI Conference Plus, conference center operators will step in to assist with scheduling a one-time, or recurring, conference call. Conference center operators will also assist with designating dial-in numbers for speakers, listen-only or interactive participants. Operators are also available for technical support.

Conference Premium

GCI Conference Premium is designed for a high profile conference call and is ideal for community meetings or investor relation calls. This service provides full operator assistance and a managed Q&A session. Other features include security screening, password access, event call director tool and participant list.


Pricing and Terms

Price Per Minute Price Per Attendee
Conference Now $0.09 $0.09
Conference Plus $0.18 $0.18
Conference Premium $0.22 $0.22

Conference calls are priced by the type of call, multiplied by the number of minutes, multiplied by the number of attendees. Example: Fifteen minute Conference Now call with fifteen participants would cost (15 minutes x $0.09 x15 participants = $20.25).

How to get started?

Contact GCI Conference Center at 1-800-770-2121 to establish an account and access code. If an account is already established, support information can be found here.