1 month of internet FREE

Stay connected to everyone and everything you love with Alaska’s fastest internet.

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Reach out to friends and family. Stream the latest movies. Stay in sync with work. And so much more. Discover Alaska’s fastest internet with one month FREE.

Now’s the time to switch to GCI internet, get a month on us — plus a free Wi-Fi modem that connects your entire home to blazing fast internet.

To qualify for this offer, you must:

  • Be starting a new GCI internet service
  • Not have had GCI internet service in the last 90 days

This one-time offer is valid for new internet customers only, for a limited time, cannot combine with other offers. Must have 60 days without GCI internet to be considered a new customer. Contact us to determine if you qualify, and to find the plan that's right for you. Terms and conditions apply.

Another Exclusive Benefit with GCI

Free streaming device when you sign up

Stream your favorite movies, shows, & apps with a free device when you add or upgrade any GCI Internet plan. 

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A GCI gift card in the amount equal to one month of any level of internet service will be provided at time of sale. This can be redeemed immediately or can be redeemed at a later date for any GCI payment. Limit one per active internet modem.